How to create and manage a huge combustion / kindling farm?

Hi, it happens that I got very lucky with that last exo-planet and now I plan making a big combustion farm plus one big kindling farm. The size would be around 6000 crops for each.
I do have some questions however:

  • isn’t it tedious to harvest - plant - fertilize such a big farm? I have one with 200 kindlings and it gets boring quite quick while it takes a lot of time
  • should I plot a big land for this or shall I make it multi-layer? Do 2 layers / plot work?`
  • should I even fertilize at all?
  • what color of decorative refined gravel is best? I found that gray makes it hard to see if you skip seedlings. In creative I tried night green and night blue and it is better. What do you use? Are dark colors good for both kindling and combustion?
  • do you harvest with a tiller or something else?
  • I have a lot of compact hard coal, is it worth to turn it into enriched hard coal?
  • Does anyone purchase enriched / infused fuels?


OK 200 crops on a 6k Farm and you get boring already then i would say Stop with it…

I have some big farms for both and i am every day on them for several hours .

For the Farm use black Deco gravel best contrast

Fortilizer i Don t use and in my opinion a waste of time.

I would say use only one Floor ITS better because if you have two floors IT can happen that the Game crashes and you ll have grafic issues.
And i know what i m saying…

Hope i could Help you a Bit

Greetings Turrican2006


If you don’t use fertilizer and wait for every crop to be grown, you’ll have to harvest the farms once per week which isn’t too bad but still very time consuming and yes very boring, especially the replanting part. I have never used fertilizer on my farms cause it seems useless given that the growing stages are really just RNG.

I do not use a tiller to harvest combustion and kindling, instead I forget and sell wooden axes to be 3x3 with extra speed and durability and my farming skill page has the axe skills maxed so i hit very fast and don’t really need a speed brew to harvest the plants. A wood axe doesn’t do a lot of damage, you would need to hit the same blocks like 10times for them to break.

I do recommend using a mega fast brew when it’s time to replant the crops.

I have done multi layers farms and never had issues when harvesting and replanting. It’s a matter of personal preference and what space is available for you, but I haven’t tried 2 layers per plot, pretty sure it would be a bit tight though because in the 8 blocks hitch you have to have
x - ceiling (gleam to save one block below)
x- air
x- crop
x- refined gravel
x- gleam
x- air
x- refined gravel

So it would fit 2 layers per plot, but it would feel very tight, I know personally I like things more spaced out. You could do 3layers/2 plots

If you want to see some farms I have a big one that can be easily accessed. Just go through the Alder portal at the TNT Megahub, then take the Fancy Farms portal (it will be on your right when you get to Sasquatchville)


@Kaplah is the man to talk to


I find the main limit to the size of a kinding farm is the amount of Bitumen required. Oh, and when I accidentally drop a blob of Lava on the wood floor, but I guess that’s avoidable if you choose a different floor material.

I find any kind of farming to be non-stimulating. I love the looks of fields of crops, and I don’t mind gulping a speed potion and sprinting up and down the rows swinging an AOE axe to harvest. It’s the replanting that I find is the most tedious because I have to be precise and hit each individual block one at a time (and hanging plants are worse). An AOE seed drill might be a nice invention if any devs are reading this hint hint hint.


I find the main limit for me is time . I harvest a portion of the farm almost daily for a weekly total of about 12 SS of combustion and kindling and I just expanded the combustion again . I’m Bastion on Maryx .


I’m just an ant to you, aren’t I? Lol!


My kindle and combustion farm is multi layered… only issue I have is the mesh limit on combustion since it’s 3D and kindle is 2D. So if you do a multi layer setup keep that in mind…


May I ask if you guys still plant Combustion for seed or is the small return combined with the time spent/wasted plus availability on other worlds make it not worth the effort , I’m thinking of getting rid of my seed patch and converting it to crop thanks . It’s about 1000 plants .


Personally for combustion, I have the 90% seed and i think it was 160% crop? Anyway it’s 90% seed. I found if you go for 100% seed, you lose a lot of crop and if you go for the lowest seed, you gain more crop but you need to source more seeds. Hence, I found 90% seed to balance good crop return with low-ish seed sourcing need (which I buy to avoid headaches).


This is just me but if you dont have anything Else To do In the game. Then do a farm.

If you have zero patience i would recommend To skip goo farming.

If you are lazy piggy Then go do earthyam farm cause its just easy To do.

Personally i dont see Then anything Else than decorative stuff.


I have a farm for all and if you don’t have patience it can be a major pain lol


I have a Kindling Farm with a capacity of 25,500 plants and Combustion of 13,500. each plot is 3x500 blocks long so that I can hit it with an AoE weapon for harvesting. I also have each block of 3x100 different colours so when planting I know I have not missed a plant if I end a stack of 100 at the border. I don’t use a mega fast brew for this and I only use Fertiliser on any stubborn plants that aren’t growing very fast. I do use a mega fast brew to replant and get around 4000ish plants planted per brew. Remember to have the farming epic to give +20% to crops when harvesting (this will not be listed when you view the plants, so easily missed). Kindling I think is 55% crop, 100% seed, combustion I think its 100% crop, 100% seed. - I moved it deeper underground on Circarpous, base is a bit of a mess at the moment accessibility wise. The easiest way to access is via the PS magenta Gleam portal on Circarpous I and head right along the coast from the doorway - look for 2 glass blocks missing underwater and grapple down :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That looks a bit of a nightmare to harvest, looks good though!


Yeah bones, its a waste of time doing combustion for seed. I have a Sovereign planet that I could easily get a few thousand seeds an hour.


Black is perfect for kindling to see the gray sprouts when planting. Dark turquoise (get from Cardass) contrasts the combustion really well.



I’m assuming that with all the great gravel colours there will be a lot more gravel to sand production for concrete with a corresponding need for combustion .

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i need 30-60 minutes to earn all (6x900 kindling) and 60-120 minutes for replant…the same for combustion ^^

1 layer is much more easy to collect, i prefer 1 long row. i have 6 row each have 900 seeds

waste off time and material… total useless

black refined gravel
you can get real easy black gravel on Angel 1, if you need a farm for it i have 1

to harvest i use a cooper axe with aoe for fast harvest and low dmg that i not break any block

it makes a lot work, i personal find it easier to farm new hard coal than make enriched from it

me not

and here a picture from my farm, function over design ^^
6x900 kindling + 6x900 combustion =>8x40x1 plot size
i use for every farm 2x40 plots that give me always space for 3x900 seeds


I wait until 99%+ is fully grown, it will get very tedious harvesting mature plants individually as soon as they are grown - far easier to do all at once in one strip.


I have a pretty good size farm for growing kindling/combustion. It’s not well optimized though and just the thought of trying to plant it all regularly is mind numbing for me.

It was originally overoptimized for seed but due to my lack of desire to farm it I haven’t replaced all of the blocks required for a more sustainable output. I’m thinking about recalling it. Though I have been for a while TBH. Yay Gleam Club :rofl: