Chisel Advice

Can anyone tell me how to do this? “Invisible” lighting. Or at least the chisels used?


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Bevel chisel opposite sides of the rock to get that effect. Really any chisel work done on a block if mirrored will allow light to pass thru. It’s hard to explain for me but it’s easy to show how it’s done in game. Hopefully someone else can explain it better than I.

There was some info on another post about this technique


Is this the mirroring technique? The chisel type doesn’t matter, the game only cares which corner was chiseled.

Is identical to this, both work

I would recommend going to the “Lighting School” on Grovidias Te. I get there via PS Guild Hall Portal located in the Grovidias Te PS hub. :blush:

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This is good information to have! I was wondering how people did that!

Is it inside the guild hall or nearby. Couldnt find it once i went through the guild hall portal