Chisel aiming

This might not bother people too much, but I would find it easier to chisel if the block aim (green box) somehow gave a preview of how the block would look if you hit it at the point your aiming at.

It would certainly save me a lot of mis-chisels.

But maybe I’m also looking for a solution to something that isn’t really a problem.


Could definitely do with this too. I have issues mostly with bevel chiselling but it does happen a fair bit with precise slopes.

This could come in handy, or over complicate the visualisation. I just remember this one - Basic chisels aim for edges, precise chisels go for corners. It’s stupid I know but I keep saying it to myself when I run around, especially with multiple bevelled edges on single blocks!

Would def be a great QoL improvement.
I’m never 100% sure about the outcome until i acutally hit the button.
Esp when aiming from weird angles. (Like chiseling the buttom of a block, while standing on top of it.)

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While i can visualize (with experience) how the block will look like, i have another issue. When mass chiseling (channels for a mega farm for example), you click “walk” or “creep” + “chisel”. Obviously while walking, you dont go in a straight line so you end up with some vertical and some horizontal chiselling. I was thinking (not sure of how to implement it) if we could lock a chisel thru some menu (even if its only the basic square chisel only for farm channels). For example lock to always be horizontal so wherever you hit the block, you get a horizontal chisel. What are your thoughts everyone? :grin:.

Yes, this is something along the same lines:

But it is a means to the same ends I think.

Allowing to chisel large amounts of blocks easier.

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Chisel preview … Amen

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Hold a block of dirt or anything in your other hand to exaggerate the outline of the block you’re targeting if you’re trying to chisel a particular block in a wall or something.