explained: bomb which makes all blocks it hits a certain shape, could be forgeed, could be crafted.


It would be interesting if there was a bomb that layed blocks like uhhh for example throw a bomb and boom it lays a big perfect square shape of whatever block type or maybe it lays a bunch of smaller squares :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m curious, in which case would you need to apply a chisel-shape with a bomb?

Anyway, unless I’m mistaken, there are 48 possible shapes you can give a block with chisels.
The way things currently work, you would need at least 48 new boons, most likely via a specific gum.
But even then, you would need some incredible luck, when forging, to get the specific boon-shape you desire.

Bottomline, I don’t see how tha could be doable without causing A LOT of frustration for players. :s


Well if you have a big wall you wanna square chisel.


Good idea, the problem with it though is since chiseling gives a prestige multiplier it may be easy to mass chisel blocks for big prestige dumps.


I wouldn’t feel confident in my ability to throw such a bomb exactly where I want so that the bomb’s AoE doesn’t touch some other block nearby and override its shape, though. :s

Wouldn’t it also have a terrible impact on mining if you can throw such a bomb while mining? Like, throw a bomb that turns all blocks into a tiny square, and it would cause huuuuge lag problems if you do it near a lava pool, lava would drip in the holes of the shapes, or you’d be able to see where the seams are… even if you need to be in your beacon to use them, that could still be exploited to death!


Yeh, maybe you guys are right. Im juuuust soooo tired of chiseling patterns :sob:

I play on the ps4 too and its suuch a pain🤮

Do the ps4 version support keyboard and mouse? :stuck_out_tongue:

CRAZY IDEA : Chisel pie-menu

Yeah, I think it does. You can plug something in an USB port of the console, right?
I don’t see why that wouldn’t work with Boundless, especially to write to other players in-game.