CRAZY IDEA : Chisel pie-menu


This threw me into a rabbit-hole of thoughts.

The thing I would love would be to not need to carry 8 chisels on me when I’m building, and to always be swapping them around.

The base of my suggestion rests on the following : wouldn’ it be cool if by pressing some key, you would access a pie-menu (or a wheel if you prefer) where, while still pressing the key, you could use your arrows / console-controller-thumb-thingamajic to access various shape options for your chisel.

(yeah, I had one option that I wasn’t sure what to write inside)

From that, my first line of thought was that maybe all the chisels could operate the exact same way, depending only if you have the epic-chisel skill or not, and only being different in terms of action-speed or durability. But from stone to gem chisels, you would always be able to do all the shapes (well, maybe not if you wanna reshape a decorative gem block).

My second line of thought (which I like better, not gonna lie) was that when accessing the pie-menu of a stone chisel, you would only have Square and Unchisel as options. With an iron chisel, you would have Unchisel, Square, Slope and Bevel. A titanium chisel would give all the options.
Even better, a chisel with the transformation boon could also be an option in the pie-menu, making said chisel even more versatile! :open_mouth:

Conclusion :
• The game economy would change. You would most likely only see people selling the best chisels. :sweat:
• HUUUUUGE quality of life improvement, you could go around carrying only one chisel, allowing you to put other tools (or building blocks) in your hand-wheels. :heart_eyes:


I like it, but a way to make it not even affect the economy at all is to make it a new item altogether. You then drag and drop all your chisels into that chisel wheel and they would have their own durability in each slot. When that particular chisel breaks that slot opens up again and you add a new chisel of that same type into the chisel wheel.


That’s an interesting possibility.
The problem I see is that you would have to craft a huuuuge amount of stuff to make one of those omni-chisels.

I’d rather it be something like a “platinium chisel” (or whatever you wanna call a new metal that could be found only in like T8 worlds and stuff), and you wouldn’t have to drag anything inside it. You craft it and it’s done. It would just have all the options. People who find it too expensive to buy/craft would buy/craft the chisels we already have.


While that would be easy for us endgame players I could see the people early/mid tier level having an issue with “catering the game to endgame and leaving the little people behind” I’m cool with either way, i want to carry less chisels around also :joy:


If people who don’t have enough money to buy stuff is the main problem left with this suggestion, I’d say we’re fine. ^^
I mean, you can’t please everyone.
Besides, I’m a player who can barely keep 20k coins in his wallet at all time, and I’m fine with the idea that I can’t afford some expensive things. Though I admit, I tend to drool when I go to that first shop in the new Ultima city which is almost entirely made out of chiseled refined oort-blocks. ^^


TOOLBELT!! It could be a Toolbelt! Chiselbelt😎


This makes too much sense.


I want a tool belt for all my tools/weapons/chisels
Imagine all the slingbows on one belt!


I like the toolbelt thing apart from my inv would be great more room for blocks n loots that I so enjoy sorting