Chiseling Removing Prestige

When chiselling a block on my beacon 3 times the chiselling bonus gets removed from the prestige for that block.

I did a quick test with a stone square chisel on an LED block and a refined sedimentary block.

Starting Prestige - 5940983
LED placed - 5941071
LED Chiseled Once - 5941079
LED Chiseled Twice - 5941079
LED Chiseled Thrice - 5941071

Starting Prestige - 5940983
Refined Rock Placed - 5940995
Refined Rock Chiseled Once - 5941003
Refined Rock Chiseled Twice - 5941003
Refined Rock Chiseled Thrice - 5940995

I haven’t tested how this interacts with a precise chisel or other chisel types.

You’re chiseling three times with a normal chisel? To make the “natural” shapes or whatever they’re called?

I was going to ask if it was possible you had moved the block into a “bucket” with a shape that’s frequently used on your build,since that looks like a large build there. Then i read the part about not being a precise chisel.

i wonder if those shapes are somehow classed in as “natural” or something causing the drop.

I have plenty of blocks chiseled in all different ways so it seems odd that it would be only the third chiseling that would have an effect on prestige if there was some kind of cap given from chiseling a block a specific way.

EDIT: Did a quick test with a precise square chisel, it looks like the prestige is lost when there are less than 4 nodes remaining on the placed block. I tried multiple configurations including a few that I believe are unique and not used elsewhere in the build.

The blocks are not just “chiselled” or “not chiselled” any more.

They’re bucketed according to shapes as well as types and tints so chiseling a block could cause it to be worth less bonus prestige.

Part of the stated goal of the new system was to not have “adding a block” result in negative prestige. But it might still be possible to lower the bonus on a given block by reshaping it like this.

If you weren’t checking between chisel strikes you would just see “no change” from the chiseling with the block in its’ final form. Speculation of course but I would guess the “natural” shape is costing some bonus prestige.

You just posted some extra info there it’s good to nail it down further, so it’s not the particular shape then just the amount of chiseling.

I did a little bit of testing with a couple of deco blocks in a single plot and a precise square chisel.

I wasn’t able to reproduce this.

First tap produced an increase. The value stayed the same through the first 4 nodes removed (to a half block).

Once I took the block to three nodes I received an increase, and again prestige stayed the same until one corner of the block was left.

Weird, I tried to test this on a fresh beacon and couldn’t get any chisel bonus until I took it down below 4 nodes.

It does seem like there are 2 states for chiseled blocks, either >=4 nodes remaining and less than 4 remaining, its possible there is a state for 4 nodes as well.

Would be good to know how it works for sure though esp since there seems to be some inconsistent results.

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With one block it was wonky for me as well. I put down a couple of others to have a little more base prestige, but that also gets into variety (I did use the same block type) bonus for chiseled shapes possibly.

I wanted to see if I could add anything useful but mainly it just adds to thought that this is some weird collision of bonus factors like the old negative prestige problem.

An interesting thing to note.

I ended up placing about 50 LED blocks and couldn’t get a chisel bonus above 4 nodes.

On my main build I have a large number of blocks chiseled below 4 nodes, so I can see gaining no more prestige for that, but the vast majority of my blocks are square chiseled and I’m seeing the same behaviors from bevels as well.

It’s possible it has something to do with the relative amount of each state among a chisel type, most of my bevel chiseling is less than 4 nodes. It makes me wonder how half height floors are counted, I am guessing it counts as square regardless of if you chiseled with a bevel or square.

Slopes also seem to work differently which makes sense as you can never go below 4 nodes with a precise slope chisel. It’s interesting to note that I got a prestige bonus regardless of configuration for slope blocks of which I have very few in my build implying there is some kinda threshold you need to meet before you stop receiving prestige based on relative percentages.

I’d have to do some digging through the posts but yes after a certain point you would stop receiving a bonus because you can only get so much bonus from a specific source unless they changed that with the prestige update. And before the prestige update you could lose prestige due to lack of variation if I remember correctly. But I’ll have to dig thru the forum posts and I’m on my way out the door to go to work right now so it might be a bit before I can get to it.

Yeah it seems like that’s what is happening, but it’s also definitely broken down into more categories for chisel prestige and they are restricted separately. I’ve got a good idea how it’s working but it’d be nice to have some transparency here, though I think that may be against the intention of the change.

Regardless of how it works it won’t really change how I’m doing my build, just something that’d be nice to understand.

The chisel prestige works the same as normal block prestige effectively with each block being categorised by its chisel type and number of removed corners for histogram bucketing instead of bucketing by prestige.

It also works the same that anytime you “add” a new chisel shape, your prestige will never go down even if the histogram balancing is made worse.

What is happening here though, is that you are not just adding a new chisel shape, but replacing one chisel shape with a different one; the same way that removing a block and then replacing it with a different block may give different prestige, replacing one chisel shape with another may give different prestige too. This is why chiselling a block “again” may sometimes lead to a slight decrease in prestige, but this decrease will never reduce your overall prestige below the prestige you had before you did the first chisel action.


  • your beacon prestige is P0.
  • you place a block, prestige (maybe) goes up; but never goes down (Adding a block), prestige is now P1 and P1 >= P0.
  • you chisel that block, prestige (maybe) goes up; but never goes down (Adding a chisel shape), prestige is now P2 and P2 >= P1.
  • you chisel that block “again”, prestige may go up, or may go down. prestige is now P3, but we do still have P3 >= P1.

Thanks for the clarification.

I did see that I wasn’t losing any prestige over the initial block placement just the bonus prestige from the chiseling.

Is there any difference between a block with 7 corners removed vs a block with 6 corners removed or are they both lumped together?

So basically chissling will always add prestige, but the amount varies depending on which specific shape was chisels, meaning you may “loose” prestige when changing from 1 shape to another.

If I had to guess, I would say the more commonly used a certain chisel shape is, the less prestigue you gain from adding more of that shape.

Thanks I always love the detail of your answers.

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Thanks for saving me the trouble of finding the post similar to this explanation. Much appreciated. :blush: