Chiseling tips

Do you know how can I create small diamonds with gleam?
Also should be great if you give me some advices for a profesional and amazing chiseling.

There is 3 ways to make diamond shape :

  • Using Chisel Precise Slope with 8 blocks (full block size)
  • Using Chisel Precise Bevel with 8 blocks (Quarter block size)
  • Using a Chisel with Boon Lattice (Forged Chisel) on a single block then use a Chisel Precise bevel to remove all the segments. (Middle of a block size, very small)

maybe this will also be useful


How can I now what is the chisel I have to use?

if your going for REALLY small diamonds you will need

  1. Forged lattice chisel “Any type”
  2. Iron Bevel Chisel

No Epic Req – lattice the Gleam to the size you want then hit with Iron Bevel Chisel first time will change the rotation of the gleam then it will look like a spiky Plus + aim for the arm parts with the Iron Bevel Chisel until it becomes a small Diamond shape

will look something like



Look in the knowledge menu for chisel. The type of them are stated in the tool tooltips. To use the precise verison of them you will need the Chisel Epic in the skills.

Just the Lattice one, you have to create it in the forge.

Some forms are not relevant. Can’t make this more clear for now. The left column is Titanium/Stone, the center column is Gold/Iron, and the right column is Silver/Copper
My mistake, relevant form image

and don’t forget about epic skill! :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick gif tutorial for tiny diamonds


In my left hand I had a copper chisel forged with lattice on it.

  1. Use Lattice chisel
  2. Use the preicse gold chisel on each piece until it is a smol diamond.

How to get a lattice forged chisel:

  1. Buy one from a forger or…
  2. You can forge it (you can pm me on how to do that, if you would like)


if you are unable to forge or just up right dislike it the best place to shop for forged Chisels in my opinion you can buy a Lattice Chisel for 800c at the TNT Increible:Forge, just go to TNT hit K type in search Stone Chisel click “buy from tab” and you will see it right there

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Pro Tip: Bevel chisel and slope chisel are the same thing, with bevel just being an off-centered slope. I recommend using one or the other but not mix-matching until you have the hang of chiseling. And ultimately, bevel will give you more options (precise bevel) but you can generally do similar things with both.

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Just to stress the difference:

  1. When you use slope or bevel chisel to create the shape, you have to place 8 blocks (forming a cube 2x2x2). You chisel outside edges of the blocks and the final shape is formed where the 8 blocks meet (so this shape actually does occupy 8 blocks and even though it looks pretty small, it won’t let you place any other blocks within the 8 blocks you initially placed).

  2. When you use lattice chisel, you only place 1 block and the shape you create occupies the center of that block. There are 4 sizes of the diamond when using this method (also important: after deciding the size with the lattice chisel, you need to hit the block with bevel chisel to switch from default cube shape to diamond shape; or you can hit the lattice shape with bevel chisel before deciding the size, and then use lattice chisel to re-size it).

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I see where it looks like it’s a seamless blend of stone and gleam chiseled but I just cannot replicate it. It’s so pretty but chiseling is one of these tools I just haven’t been able to replicate consistently. I’ll get a couple to work and then mess up the next.

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For some, myself very much included, I think it simply takes an awful lot of practice to be able to work out the geometry in our heads that achieve these sorts of effects and to be able to do that without completely and utterly confusing ourselves.

Those people that are able to do the magic with their chisels that they do, without even having to think all that hard about how they do it, I admire/envy/despise you all!!

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Oh for sure! Chiseling is a beautiful art and can make a build even more beautiful

You can use the lattice chisel. Remove to sides with bevel and resize with lattice. That will give you the diamond shape but it will not make contact with surrounding blocks. Will float.

if you are looking for a reliable and almost always fully stocked chisel chop that sells all kinds available + all the special ones (undo / transform / lattice, color coded for your convenience) go through Antar VI planet gate at TNT megahub, and head for the main building outside the hub, which had a little bit of chiselling done, so you can also see a few examples :wink:


Thanks to all of you!! I did it!