Chromis I Color Surveys - March - Theme Survey

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It’s time for the March surveys for [Chromis I] --[T3 - Rugged Lush Sovereign World]-- [Active]!

Chromis I is a world where the colors are decided by community poll!

As always, there are two one-week polls. The first week determines the theme, and the second week determines the specific color selections. Color selections are hand-picked to match the theme while also ensuring most options are not currently available on known worlds.

Additionally, at any time, anyone is welcome to request that a color be added to the survey, regardless of the theme. This world is here to help you get the colors you want! Make sure you take a look at to check if your desired color is sovereign selectable.

Theme survey: Feb 22 - Feb 28
Color survey: ~Feb 28 - Mar 7


Alright, it’s time for the theme survey!

  • Spring (Greens, yellows, and flowery colors)
  • Sun (Reds & yellows)
  • Moon (Dark colors, greys)
  • Equinox (Balance of Sun & Moon)
  • Tacos (Yellow, green, brown, red)

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Color survey coming around Feb 28.


I’m ‘requesting’ dark grey gleam be added to the color poll. I know it’s my survey, but I figure I should follow the rules too.

Nevermind, I found some!


20 char.

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I searched for dark grey gleam specifically for a project and saw there were no worlds with it, but based on the gleamhub’s note board, I guess it’s a brand new color and I just happen to have wanted it right after it got unlocked???

Anyway, the poll is looking good! You guys are so sunny and bright! :sun_with_face:
The world has been mostly gloomy blue for a couple months, so I’m excited for this one, assuming it isn’t usurped!

Remember, if you have any specific color requests to have added to the survey, get them in soon, even if they don’t match the theme.

Flower and plant suggestions are welcome up through the end of the color survey, since we don’t do polls for them. Those also don’t have to be on-theme, but it’s nice if they are.

I’m going through TNT and PS and scanning every sov I can find so my “what colors are available” search is up to date for the poll.

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Thanks for doing this every month, @Rydralain! I enjoy harvesting on Chromis.

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Thanks, that’s awesome to hear! Since the only feedback I get is footfall and poll votes, I just keep on going and just assume the people who want the colors are getting what they want.

I’m always curious what people harvest, and this goes for anyone who uses Chromis - What do you come for, and is there anything we can do to improve your gathering/farming?

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I have dark grey gleam on my sovereign world Vandi I. I have a very good spot for gleam farming. Saw that you scanned it so you probably went there. You can get a full inventory without needing to regen. Except at the end for the next person to have a fully regened farm :slight_smile:

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Hey, yeah, I scanned as many worlds as I could find today. I got some dark grey gleam from the other world with it (EOS, I think?), but I’ll need some more, so I’ll probably stop by. Thanks for letting me know you’ve got it!

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I like to harvest sand, peat, clay, and silty cause I never have enough and sometimes the lustrous. I also got lots of tangle around Christmas to make green lights cause you had mint tangle at one point.

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