[Circarpous I] DEEP DARK MALL - You Build, We Pay - Support the Economy!

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Hello, Oortians! Me and my brother was busy for some time making a new infrastructure piece for ya :slight_smile:

We present you a new mall!

We’ll be paying 5000 coins to each shop owner who opens up a shop in our mall to support the economy!

Yet another mall? Duh…

Yeah, looks like everyone and his dog (or cat, or whatever) has a mall now. Want to know what makes our mall differ from others? Here we go:

  • Located at Circarpous I, which hosts several well known communities and hubs, such as TNT Hub (a very busy place!), Naughty Hunt Lodge and others!
  • We’re underground! (I guess it’s not that convincing, but hold on)
  • No restrictions on build height - since we’re underground, everything should be nice and tidy - feel free to use any height you need (you can even try to incorporate mantle in your build - because why not?)
  • Simple design that should not interfere with your creativity - we want to show your shops, not our roads!

Why Circarpous I?

There are two main reasons that led us to build this thing on Circarpous I:

  • Very developed transportation system consisting of multiple hubs, which link up a pretty big chunk of our universe - your shop will be easy to find for many people!
  • Very small amount of active shops - despite the fact that many people travel through this planet, it’s shop economy is still in it’s early ages - and we (only with your help, of course!) can change that!

Show me what you got!

We have 7 lanes (or rows) with 6 roads between them - our layout allows you to make shops of several sizes. Our plot protection should be off to allow you to start your venture when you need it, and where you need it. (Note: if for some reason you cannot plot within our mall, feel free to contact me here or through Discord - see below).

Here is a map which explains how shops can be plotted - we strongly encourage you to follow it and don’t make trouble for others. We’re all Oortians after all, don’t we? :slight_smile:

It’s not required that you plot 4 plots deep on the left-most and right-most lanes - if you wish so, you can make it 1x1, 1x2 or 1x3, everything is fine as long it’s 1 plot wide when looking at the entrance :wink:

We also got a funny little tunnel for you to jump in, take a look!

Is there any rules?

Our rules are very simple:

Can I link to your mall?

Sure thing! We’re setting up a portal hub for all folks who wish to link up to us and help to grow the transportation system of our Universe! If you’re an owner of a portal hub, market or any other cool thing - we’ll find a place for you too, don’t worry!

If you need a custom portal size, feel free to contact me here or through Discord (see below).

How to find us?

We’re located at -390N -340E (near the Naughty Hunt Lodge, underneath an island).

We’re connected to the TNT Hub, this video should help you to find us easily:

Questions? Want to contact us?

You can contact me here or through Discord - RaZeR-RBI#9906. I’ll try my best to answer and help you all :slight_smile:

Mall staff:
RaZeR-RBI (me - razer_rawbyte on Steam)
Drakon-RBI (my brother - drakon_rawbyte on Steam)

We can even help you to dig out your plotted space - just ask us :wink:


First time making a shop in a mall… how do I actually get a plot? XD

Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out. :slight_smile:

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Nice concept. Really like the layout.
Perhaps you can also post the rules in the topic to show how simple they actually are.

Thanks a lot for creating this :slight_smile:


I was planning on making this concept of a mall in Early Access, but I had too much trouble with the underground lava and gave up. I’m really glad to see someone doing this concept. :heart:


Awesome, I’ve plotted my area :slight_smile:

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I’d Like a plot. How can I get it?

Super Cool! I’ll be in game presently, let me know if you need help or if Bruce, Kaos, Chaos, Mox, Mayu or Suji already helped you


All you have to do is go to the Deep Dark Mall, find an area they have bordered off where you’d like your shop to be, and dig out a hole so you can put down a beacon on it.

Be sure to reference their map to know how large each plot can be horizontally.

Once you set down a beacon, fuel it, and then you can use a beacon plotter to add the remainder of the plots if yours will be larger than a 1x1. (Don’t forget that there is no height requirement!)

They even sell beacons, beacon plotters, and basic beacon fuel for cheap there, so you don’t need to bring any.


I have plotted an area… OMG, the design is so great. I love it. The fast descend is awesome!


Very tidy set up. :sunglasses:

And yes, Circa is beyond other worlds market wise. A lot of items I scan for are unavailable exactly on that world, while found at the end of the universe.
So, I’m glad to see this happening and I will defo be a customer checking on what items become available there.

Good luck! :sunglasses:


Thank you everyone for your kind words :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve updated the first post with a new video explaining how to find the portal to us (it’s still in the TNT hub, just moved to other section as I’ve promised before) :wink:

We got 10 shops plotted now (8 2x2s and 2 1x2s in the middle), and at least three of them are already built, good work! We hope it’ll continue this way :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re expanding the roads because current 2x2s are already claimed, two more 2x2s should be available now (it misses some black blocks because they’re still being crafted, though).

We encourage you to try other sizes too - a chisel and a little creativity can do a lot of things (one of my personal shops is 1x4, and I’ve even had an 1x1 once!) :grinning:

Maybe we’ll change the side ones from 1x4 to 2x4 if people won’t claim them, we’ll see how it goes.


I’ll take a 1x1 if it doesn’t hurt your layout :blush: or 1x2 whichever

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Just put a store here. The in and out store.


Nice design. Something totally different and the messages are great :joy:

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Those look like lasers and I love them so much. XD Is it Gleam?

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Thanks. Yeah it’s gleam.


By the way, if someone wants to get a payout after opening up their shop and doesn’t mind the taxes - you can place a selling plinth with something cheap (like a dirt or rock block) on it with a 5k price on it, with a sign to signal that it’s for me - I’ll come and pay my debt that way :wink:
If you prefer to settle this in person, feel free PM me through the letter box behind the exit. Even if you don’t want to claim it (it sometimes happens! Never thought that people can be this kind), still PM me - I’ll be happy to hear from you on that matter so I can sleep well :smiley:

Edit: Just learned about the post office thing… looks like it would be good to make one for that purpose!

I’ll take a 1x1 if it doesn’t hurt your layout :blush: or 1x2 whichever

If you’ll take a 1x1 either on the first or on the last lane, it’s ok - I’ve put some more clarification on that in the first post :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t fear to take bigger plots if you need them, though, my friend! I hope that you’ll get well soon and will take part in our humble beginnings :grinning: Feel free to PM me if you want me to reserve some plots for you.

Good ideas, but when i see some malls offering me 20k if i drop a shop there why bother?

It would be totally different if it would be newer players… wich it clearly is not as it is in T4.

Im not ranting just trying to get idea why even pay money when 5k in this kinda economy state is pretty much whatever.

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Because its a nice gesture? :heart:


I made one too!
…not really a shop, but you can buy a smoothie when you break your limbs falling :slight_smile: