Claws\Knuckles and PvP

As a weapon(and if you include a combo system) I think these would be really nice. A more personal, Evasive, assassin type(claws) and brawler(knuckles) that should be great for the game and PvP.

PvP should be a nice feature to add in this game (always IMO) and maybe some arenas and a survival type arena(think hunger games) to add to this game would be really cool. A world only dedicated to these kind of arenas. Also a Gladiators arena with spectator seats and a shouter(?) would be really nice.

What do you guys think? @ben :3

Edit: Sorry if this had been already mentioned. The time i published this i was on the phone --’ next time illbe sure to search before i post anything

Maybe people can designate their beacons to be pvp areas, and the players can make the arenas.

I think most weapons types (including claws and knuckles) were already suggested/discussed here.

@UmbraVictus afaik it is already possible to request a beacon that enables PvP


As @Vastar mentioned, we currently have a dev build thunderdome, or we had, not sure if its in use anymore, @ben? @james?

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Cool idea. They’d probably have to be solid gloves, currently right now we’re not planning to visualise the 1st person hands.


Im on the phone so i cant See the similar stuff, sry. And I was about to suggest PvP beacons só you saved me from that one xD

You can always (even on the phone) search for keywords before you make a thread :wink:

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Nooo @Vastar has stolen my job :anguished: (Keep up the good job)


And if we look down? Seeing the “unused” arm(left arm) and belly and legs and feet. Maybe thats too much but at least See feet?

Im never safe…you mean in the search bar right?

Something along the lines of Skyforge kinetic gloves would be badass

They could have a secondary use of allowing for long range placements of blocks.

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Isn´t that exactly the same picture you already posted into the other thread? :smile:
(still like the idea though)

Yes. it is, they are also badass enough to post a third time


Personally i also love the idea of fighting with your feet.

Like Samurai warriors 4 feet knives

Or dynasty warriors 8 empires sabatons


Ahaha like your rebelious a55. Those feet weapon would be cool but im thinking: when we are fighting with hands or feet and you do a rotating move, the caneta should move 360degrees too

I have suggested this various times…