[Closed] Universal capital city discussion

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I think that over time, we may see the city grow much larger than that little jungle in the middle of the picture. We may need to do some major terraforming prior to laying the groundwork for this city. I’d like to see it go from the east side of the mountain to the far west side of that forest or further.

ehmm… why did i get a notification when you made this thread? xD

I invited you to it, ofc.

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Didnt know you could do that. however my opinion as a nonbuilder is still the same, split it up into districts of different building styles so everybody can enjoy building.

also i think it would be worth considering marking up empty spaces for houses so you can make a row of houses. so basically mark up spots on the ground of 20x20 or whatever that arent built in, then when the game gets further people might move into the city and they can get a spot where they can build a house or a shop

BTW, great timing to abuse this, i would love to have a badass smithingshop/house but i suck at building, anybody who can build one for me xD (though with no crafting professions and most likely no crafting progression i fear that i wont be able to play as a crafter :confused: )

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Fantastic idea!

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I liked the suggestion you posted in the previous thread along those lines.

So what should the districts/squares be devided up by? I’d like a Cathedral, trade, and mage quarter, but I think we could also have an agriculture district, mining district and residential district.

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Logically Agriculture would work if they have a planting and regrowing crops. however i cant imagine a ‘‘Mining district working’’ unless its a huge area which arent going to be beaconed ofc. then maybe it would work :smile:

Well,I’ve been thinking about this for while,and I think it would be great to do a modern build. I know it sounds stupid,but I think it could work. Oort is a modern game,plus modern things just looks nice. Not anything like this http://www.lushome.com/amazing-s-house-ko-plus-ko-architects-modern-house-design/74237. But something more like http://www.crazyart.co/beautiful-modern-home-exterior/
I think it will look really good,and it could be a fresh start that no one will expect.
What do you think @Havok40k?

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Three possible ways to execute a mining district here:

  1. entrance to a cave system built to look like a quarry or mine, with the area just past the quarry being unbeaconed.
  2. what starts as a simple quarry could be the beginnings of a massive underground tunnel straight to a future settlement elsewhere on the planet. The entire length of the tunnel would be beaconed.
  3. mining district goes into the base of the mountain and acts as the entrance to a massive subterranean complex of vaults, dungeons and secrets. All beaconed, naturally.

I think those URL’s are invalid and I can’t view them! :smile:
Ya’ll continue to discuss, I know the sun is just rising in the EU, but it’s 3am for me!

I think number 3 would be pretty cool.

Ok give me a sec.

Yeah! Pure fantasy is getting a bit repetitive; would love to see something different.

Maybe something in between modern and fantasy? (Or a blend)

I’ve already gone to bed so I can’t easily upload pics from my mobile but perhaps y’all should investigate the “high gothic” arcitecture of warhammer40k. Makes a great example of a melding between fantasy and modern. Perhaps something similar but a bit less grungy.


Me too,but before I go… Modern Greek and Roman😯.

if that does not work, I will delete in the morning. I must sleeeeep…

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Just going to leave these two here


I feel like an Elven city incorporating the trees would be cool like heaps of treehouses with bridges linked between them as well as normal streets etc. Just a natural theme would be cool as the controllable characters seem to be animals :smile:

If you search treehouse city in google you will see some more examples of what houses could be

As mentioned before multiple different build styles would be fun. Though i think some fantasy-dwarven style would fit best inside the mountain, and something like this:

around the oasis

For features I have a couple of ideas:

  • An aqueduct running in a spiral down the mountain and out to soem of the other city part
  • A beaconed pvp arena
  • If possible a portal hub to some of the other worlds (This would requier some help from the devs as we cannot create portals yet)