[Closed] Universal capital city

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So as the game is now, everybody in the community kinda has their own worlds that they build on and few of us ever really visit other worlds anymore. Each world has its own capital at varying degrees of size and complexity and with just a few builders involved.

My proposal is to create a universal capital city. One that the entire community contributes toward. A place where everybody can say “I helped build that!” My idea is to use an under utilized world without a developed capital and turn it into the crown jewel of the oortiverse, and here is how you can help:

Before a single block is placed, we need to select and agree upon a world. Either an existing world with a neglected capital, a world without a capital, or, devs willing, a new player generated world. We need world scouts to find potential candidates that offer enough space for proper city building, plentiful resources, a pleasant colour pallette, and a decent server location. (Sorry, Australia…)

Before I get too deep into detailed planning, I need to see what kind of talent is interested in undertaking this joint task. We will need architects, planners, clearers and ideas! Everybody who wants to participate, speak up! Even if you’re not a builder, post ideas for what our crown jewel city should have. I will record as many names and how everybody contributed for a tribute of some sort when we finish. Let’s see what a coordinated effort from the community can achieve!

TL;DR (Aug-9-2015) This thread has grown to epic proportions so a quick synopsis for what’s being discussed below is that it has been offered by the devs that if we submit a world of our own designing, they will refine it and implement it into the live servers. We can then use that world to build our Universal Capital City. As of the moment of writing this edit, a world is ready to be submitted to the devs. We are now ready to begin official discussion of city influences, themes and features (SEE THIS NEW THREAD!!) We are NOT ready to start discussing arrangements or layouts until the game is live and we can all see the world in person. I will update this OP in the future for quick project progress updates. I will also add shortcuts to the most relevant posts in this tread to this same post.

Current world status update (Aug-9-2015): most recent WB screenshots from @nevir with collaboration from @KKBell, @Predatoxic, and @Nyuudles concept art.

[quote=“nevir, post: 346, topic:2400”] Ok, cleaned up the last niggles I had w/ the world (mostly moving strata around). I’m calling it done!

@james you can nab it from my Dropbox (different URL than before; moved folders around)

Here’s the lay of the land surrounding the mountain:


Also lightened the stone to match:



Awesome idea! I’ll participate 100% :slight_smile:
I would suggest to build it on ruccie cause the terrain is really good for interresting buildings. Also the current capital is kinda chaotic :confused:
IT also has really awesome mountains and much flat space!

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I am all for this!

I think it should be on a new world. I think we should start fresh.

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We need @Karko to build a world for us :stuck_out_tongue: No one is better than karko when it comes to world building. I’d make one too but I’m by far not as good as karko soo…

If people are up for it we can definitely deploy a new world explicitly for this - including all the terrain features and variations you want. :sunrise_over_mountains: :ocean: :sunflower:


YAY! Thanks! You surely are the greatest and best devs ever :blush:

Maybe we can try the sphere world design to test it out.

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I think the Game doesn’t support wrapped worlds atm. Only the world builder does (I think)

You can count on me^^

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If the capital world is wrapped it would be cool if the world would be smaller so we can build an all city world like Coruscant in Star Wars.

I think we would need all color variations. I know in my own building I am using a lot of different colors.

That actually sounds really cool.

It sounds cool, but I think every player should be able to do his own thing on every world :confused:
I’m sure not everybody wants to build with other people

By all means, continue building on your own worlds as well. Nobody is making anybody participate. This is a bit of a social experiment to see what the community can put together.

You can still get the other colours from the other worlds.


Ok, first step is to decide between existing worlds or a tailor made world. What features do we want to see in a capital world? I personally feel there are not enough frozen or desert worlds.

A new desert world for me please^^

I’d like to have some lakes and mountains. Maybe mountains with a flat top for building :slight_smile: I think about building houses on top of these mountains and connecting these mountains with bridges!

Don’t you think desert worlds look a bit boring? Or what terrain are you thinking about?

They look wide and deserted^^ And dangerous. I just like the thought of building a desert town.