[Closed] Universal capital city

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Maybe a desert biome like in LLEB but in my opinion a whole desert world would be kinda meh

Depends on how big the world is but it’s not unnatural to have big deserts. They do expand after all^^

It’s not that I dislike the idea of having desert worlds at all! Actually I hope there will be such world later where survival is harsh :slight_smile: I just think really impressive terrain would work better for such a big project. Like huge mountains, jungles and stuff. Or maybe a new snow world with big snowy mountains and frozen lakes

It might just be that I’ve built far too much things in nice bioms like that xD

Something like thousand needles (pre cata) from WoW would indeed be really cool.


I even made a world with that terrain already :o Didnt release it though :slight_smile: That would work great as a biome but don’t you think a whole world with just that would look rather repetitive?

Of course , any world with only one biome would look repetitive :smile:

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True :stuck_out_tongue: But I’d like to see a biome like that :slight_smile: Maybe without the water though… Just desert mountains

quickly made such a biome (not that great)

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More Terrain ideas:

Epic desert terrain


Personally I love the ice worlds.

We could integrate ice slides into them and it wouldn’t look unnatural.

But I also like the high flat mountains it would be a way to have the builder have thier own space but then would be able to connect them together as one city.

@james can we have the wrapped world or is that still in development?

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Snow worlds need ice mountains


How about a biome/world like this?


Thing I love most about building in desert biomes is that you can get some great atmosphere and I love that Arabian build style. I also love that half buried in sand look that you can get, especially with slopes! I also like the idea of building an oasis-city in the desolation, a jewel contrasted by the wasteland around it.


That’s an awesome idea! I once did something like this in mc. Maybe terraform some mountains around the oasis town/city with waterfalls and stuff. And a big gate inside of the mountain that leads inside the city

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I know we will want to have a cohesive city but if you want to bring in as many builders as possible I would be wary of pigeon holing the design style. I am not saying no cohesive style at all, but very lose rules to give the builders enough creative freedom.

I think it would be cool to have a world that is banded. A desert band in the equator then a jungle band north and south of it then, and last have it be snowy at the poles.


Could do aquaducts into and around the city with fountains and water holes all around.

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Good Idea! I already have some water blocks in my inventory

That would be cool, but I don’t think the wb supports this :frowning:
@james @lucadeltodecso is something like this possible?

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As we get further into the design process, I want to pre-plan the street layout, districting, and build materials. I also want to pre-establish a color pallette (what color gleem, shades of blocks and timber, etc). We will eventually select a few arcitects to guide teams so we have a more coherent apperance. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet!

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If we build in a desert world we should use yellowish stone! LLeb has such a color
Also imo we should use a bright shade of grass.

EDIT: How about making a steam group for this project?

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Ok, let’s give some other users a bit to weigh in on planet ideas, then I’ll take a description of our request to @james for approval.