[Closed] Universal capital city

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Oh goodness I know. For that, we’d have to manually place them. That’s not such a bad thing as we can then also manipulate them and create them exactly as we imagine :wink:

As @Havok40k points out here you should have a think about the vertical scale of the world.

  1. What are the upper and lower sea levels?
  2. What is the average land level?
  3. How much space is available below for caves?
  4. How much space is available above for building?
  5. How tall are the mountains?
  6. How much space is available above the mountains for building?

Just make sure you’re spending your vertical budget in a way that suits your projects ambitions.

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It’s great,I love the fact that there spaced out,instead of up down like most people would do them. Great job!! And I think the ice idea and waterfall idea is amazing,it’ll give the mountains a wonderful balance of cold and warm.

Most of my stuff is conceptual, and may not even render well in game. But in my head the city would be built at the base of the mountain. Figured the caves would form in the mountain itself. Think that the community should weigh in on the whole cave thing so we know what the expectations are.

My general thought on the caves, as well as anything below the surface, is that it might be best to leave that to the developers. My reasoning behind this is so that they can maintain the integrity of the economy based on ore saturation and distribution. I know that such things are not really an issue now, but they will be sooner or later.

I was sort of thinking that we could build onto the mountain and not on top of it.


Yeah that’d be awesome! Lots of digging would be needed though, but I’m okay with that as long as I don’t have to do it all by myself :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a cool idea!! But I think it would be cooler to use the caves as a way up to the city. So the city would be on and around the mountain. The stairs could be in the caves as a way up. Oohs,and there could be a "light show"on the way up. I mean like with Gleam and torches in different shapes and patterns.

Ok,I see what your saying. How about we mine all the ore out before we build the city,then use the gold,silver,iron,etc to help with the city’s economy.

I think we are going to generate this world long before any type of ore will be implemented into the game or the world builder. So we should (imo) only worry about the appearance and not the industrial value of the world.

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Since I’m not a great builder I would love to help out with planning (if possible, though idk how well I’ll be at it but I want to give it a try) and I’d want to help gather materials. Of course that includes occasional breaks from gathering to just enjoy the city’s progress ;). I do think that in the meantime we should set up jobs and teams, then jump into some form of team speak to begin planning. Lets get this show on the road, can’t wait! :smiley:

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I’ll update this thread once we move to the actual city building phase :wink: for now, it’s up to the world builders!

Ores are already in the world builder and indeed you can find some metals and gems distributed around some of the live worlds. They don’t have a purpose, but they exist.

Some buildings inside the mountains are almost a must in my opinion.
I personally would love to see an arena/Colosseum inside one mountain that takes up almost the whole diameter of it so you can enter from any side.


That does sound interesting! It’s certain to be labor intensive, but I’ve seen the community come together to literally move mountains before.

We´ll let´s hope the devs implement TNT soon :smile:

soon? we don’t even know that they’ve started!

Could also set up mountain biomes with massive caves :slight_smile:

Just wondering since I never used world builder. Is it possible to make a mountain completely hollow?

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No,I’ve seen someone try. It didn’t work,but it was a little while ago,so be my guess. The idea other a arena sound very interesting. What would you do in the arena? And one more thing,these ideas all seem to be on the same mountain. I think there’ll have to be more than one mountain for this to work. Another suggestion is that we have the mountains in the sky,with bridges connecting them together. I know it’s a lot of work,but if we want this city to be what we think it’s going to be, it will be worth the time and effort.