Cloud beacon storage broken

When all of my plots were moved about 4600 plots, multiple items are missing. Also when the build was moved farms that were ready for harvest were not collected. When I type to search for specific items they are not coming up. Also I’m only able to take out a certain number of items before it sits at a loading screen but never loads the items until the next day.

This was happening to me too, when I re-claimed large places. The only way the list would re-appear was if I exited the game & Steam, then re-started it. Going to the sanctum didn’t help.

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I’m on ps4 and its sad because that’s over 2 years of work broken now :frowning:

I didn’t have a farm, but others have said that crops that are still in the ground are returned to you as seeds, so that you don’t lose anything. Do you possibly have a lot of extra seeds now?

Yeah, this is as intended.


Not sure yet because I still can’t access the search. What about special farms like combustion, kindling and goo kernels. Or LED block because I had 100s of them in the build and now I only got 17 of 3 different colors.

I am on PS4. When my reclaim menu gets stuck I have to reload the game and the reclaim is accessible again.


crop type doesnt matter, any crop will be converted to 1 of its seed in the reclaim.

FYI; the bug with reclaim interface getting stuck in “loading…” after prolonged use needing to restart the client is fixed in next release.