๐ŸŽˆ Coal, Fuel, & Metals Shop - New Metal Blocks!

Hi all!
Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays!
So, this is a very overdue post about my shop - Coal, Fuel, & Metals Shop! :joy:

Going with the economy, Iโ€™ve reduced the prices of several items recently and today, I am specifically targeting my medium and hard compact coal prices. As per the name, the shop sells everything coal and fuel (compact coal, beacon fuel, shards, charcoal, and compact peat) and metals starting from bars up to machined blocks.

Request baskets are usually filled but due to the current economic conditions, I am buying only the stuff I need. Currently iron and copper baskets are filled with 125k / 25k respectively and Iโ€™ll continue buying them for some time as per the need. Keep an eye on the in-shop signs - I buy different stuff every few days.

Appreciate any feedback in PMs :smiley:

I have portals in Ultima, DBX Shop Hub, and from Castle Black.

Got any comments/questions? Fire away :sunglasses:

Decent discounts will be given for medium to big orders of any item.


Hi everyone!
So, weโ€™re finally back to buying stocks through request baskets so if youโ€™d like to sell your coal, fuel, and metal ores, please do pass by the shop and give our baskets a look! Total baskets budget is about 500k and we will continue to fill them as long as weโ€™re selling :smiley: We have portals in PS Biitula hub, Aqua hub, Infinity City, DBX hub, and Ultima hub as shown in the pictures earlier.

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Hi all!
Buying Spicy beans for 14c (85000 budget).

Nice, I frequented your store for compact coal and Oort shards in the past. Never saw your forum post. I still grab shards from time to time when I canโ€™t obtain enough from my baskets or cant go on enough hunts through the week.

That is a crazy good price to buy spicy beans at. Highest I have seen a basket :slight_smile:

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Glad you always find what you need at the shop :D. Kept the price up until late yesterday and then was advised by a friend to lower it. Didnโ€™t get many beans though so I thought why not just lower it. Now I buy them for 10c. I always try to find the best price that ensures the raw mat seller is satisfied and the buyer gets an affordable product.

You need to get around more :wink:

I also pay that price and some even more actuallyโ€ฆ

Sometimes you just kinda need more of them so youโ€™re willing to pay some more!

Yup, two baskets up in request dimension atm, one is buying 3k for 15c and another 2k for 16c.


I mean I price my spicy bean shop stand at 3c each, might need to raise that a bit


Got any spicy beans for sale? Asking for a friend :joy:

lol, they sell out in a few hours every time I list them. They hit that price a while back due to no one buying them and I hadnโ€™t increased it due mostly because I was unaware their value went up, darn not being able to play as much as Iโ€™d like lol. The price is now 5c but I didnโ€™t have much in storage and I only had a few minutes to play this morning. so if they are still there go for it.

Iโ€™ll PM you in a sec!

Hi everyone!

Going (down) with the economy (lol), prices have been lowered as follows (prices may change in the future):

Compact Soft Coal 23
Compact Medium Coal 35
Compact Hard Coal 87
Copper Bar 6
Gold Bar 25
Iron Bar 6
Silver Bar 25
Titanium Bar 12
Gold Alloy 29
Silver Alloy 29
Titanium Alloy 59
Compact Copper 43
Compact Gold Alloy 199
Compact Iron 44
Compact Silver Alloy 198
Compact Titanium Alloy 390
Refined Copper 31
Refined Gold Alloy 154
Refined Iron 33
Refined Silver Alloy 154
Refined Titanium Alloy 295
Machined Copper 28
Machined Gold Alloy 122
Machined Iron 29
Machined Silver Alloy 121
Machined Titanium Alloy 225
Basic Beacon Fuel 8
Improved Beacon Fuel 202
Greater Beacon Fuel 875
Oort Shards 16
Oort Amalgam 875 <<< Newly-added!
Compact Peat 12
Charcoal 2

Currently buying Copper Ore/ Rough Oortstone/ Rough Emerald/ Ichor/ Silver Ore/ Raw Starberry/ Spicy Beans.

Shop can be reached from Ultima Hub, PS Biitula Hub, Infinity City, The Hunt Hive, Aqua Hub, and Code Gleam.


Glad I saved some money from selling rift! Iโ€™ll be by later to see if any amalgam is still there.

Yeah, Iโ€™m at 5c myself, it is tempting to raise it but would probably really annoy my customers at this point. :rofl:

Where is your shop? Iโ€™d like to buy all the spicy beans you have! :smiley:

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Elysian Fields, Alder. Portals at TNT, Kindred Bay, Sasquachville, Aprilโ€™s, Mom & Pops, Platinum, and Quebec. Thanks! :slight_smile: I stocked a ton yesterday evening but they go pretty quick - still, may have more later tonight! (Iโ€™ll be off the 18th-22nd though, so as a heads-up probably not worth checking then)

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Wonโ€™t miss on them beans again! :joy:

BTW i buy them for 10c currently so you could always pass by the shop and sell them there :smiley:

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Thanks!! :slight_smile: Haha, nice to see someone bought all my fossils too there!

Iโ€™ve got a few great bean farming spots on Gyosha, but that area around me in Alder is really pretty good for Spicy Beans too.

Hello again everyone!

Now buying all types of seeds in shop.


  • All normal seeds > 10c
  • Combustion and Kindling > 25c
  • Goo > 35c



Would like to buy some primordial resin if you have it.

Sorry i dont sell that in the shop (not in the coal/fuel/metals range) :smiley: