Code: Animating the hopper jump

The hopper is a new creature with a high jump. In order to get him to jump correctly onto different surfaces the animation was cut up into 3 parts:

  • Launch - where the model is animated pushing off the floor. This animation lasts until the hoppers feet leave the floor.
  • Apex - the upwards, apex and downwards motion of the hopper in the air. In this step the hopper transitions from a launch into a prepare to land.
  • Land - when the hopper detects that the floor is close he starts to compress his legs to absorb the impact.

Linking these 3 steps up allows us to create a full animation that will work from any height (and with gravity at any setting).


Looks awesome, and believable!

Is the slide at the end intentional? (I think I like it; and it would be fun to see a hopper trying to jump on ice, heh)


Not intentional in the animation no - some polish to go. But nice to see a start on the AI/Code! :heartpulse:


(Oh and yes - it would be awesome to keep the slide on ice if that’s possible.) :smile:


I havent Been playing this game much cas never had time but are those micro blocks?

It’s the beacon plotter tool. It doesn’t have a model yet

Looks good!
Maybe his landing could be smoothed a bit, but else good job! The movement when he touches ground and stand up to normal stand seems a bit quick (maybe just for my eyes).

Would be cool to be able to ride it haha :smiley: jumping through the mountains with less falling damage or jumping from higher heights. :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

Put a particle effect in front of its feet as if it’s kicking up debris as it slides forward, and keep the slide. Also, take-off/impact ring of dust would further enhance the animation.


Really good, can’t wait finished :smiley: