Coin devs?


could we get coin from killing things during meteor drops. thanks


Would this help? If so, would this be fair? What about explorers, coin for discovering regions? Or miners, coin for breaking rocks? It’s quite a trick to add a new mechanic that is balanced


Your statement makes it sound like your suggesting it is fair as it is right now. Which it is not.

In this case no. I wouldn’t say its quite a trick at all. it’s more of a matter of the devs making an proactive action, which seems to be something the devs do not want to do, will not do, or can not do, at this time for some reason. but this is what should be done as stated in this other post

If they add that in, then they can add in a way to allow someone to get coin for killing things and for every other “profession” or activity in the game


I wasnt trying to be facetious, but it appears i have triggered a defensive response here. This part up top here^^ is exactly what i was trying to point out; balance means that different activities get something resembling similar rewards.

If i wanted to drop my opinion without being constructive i would just have stated that more regulations and dev intervention pushing people to certain activities is exactly what this game doesnt need to stay boundless.

But i thought that bringing up a concern that coin drops in a single activity may be viewed as imbalanced, could somehow get people to discuss how to balance it across other professions.

No attack here, relax.


Which is why I gave a link to the post of my suggestion for a the solution to this for others to view who may not have seen or been around for that post/thread.


I did not see any attack. So I am even more confused.

One or both of us I feel is misunderstanding the other to quite the degree…


Rather let’s stay on topic then; I’d just like to see more than just mobs as an extra coin source. Lets think bigger :+1:

Edit- been working for 36h, my text-intention-sensor might be way off, no offence intended


All of it should. As I have suggested in the past. the devs need to get people motivated to log in and do stuff. I feel more then ever now with even more Doom and Gloom threads popping up again.

Adding daily feats that covers a wide range of actives for coin, will, or at least in theory, should,… motivate people to log in and do more. helping with the population problem that is happening or people are thinking is happening AND fixing the problem with people not having enough coin for anything. because one passive generator that only helps the top 10% or so to very high degrees is not correct in my book.

They need to add more generators, And more daily feats would use an existing system that they can work with and tune with out having to add in a new system at this time. So that would be an easy start to fix the problem.

I think what happened is you might have saw the following statement.

As an attack, which is understandable. however that was not the intended effect/result. I just word things very bluntly or right to the point at times.


I rather have the meteor completion give coins. No way killing stuff should give coins on its own.

I agree with this part.
Maybe some daily quest chain for them.


Several mmos give coin just from killing things and from buying and selling and it works out just fine. Would this work best for boundless who knows, but at this time I can tell you they should at least try different things for the other 80% or so of people who do not have a mega shop. There simply is a bad system in place now that everyone got comfortable with that should “in my opinion” never of been in the game to begin with. Foot fall is a broken mechanic that rewards players for doing nothing.


They also tend to also have gold sinks that will destroy money and take it out of the game, Normally in the form of repairs, or items that can only be gotten from NPCs by buying it from the NPC, some of which are dirt cheap, others which are insane in price, and of course everything in between.

Boundless only haves warping as a gold sink which most people can 100% ignore, because of portal hubs creating ease of access everywhere. And taxes which isn’t really a positive sink they are just something that may or may not happen, people don’t go out of their way to feed coin into this sink like they would for repairs or an item/mount/pet/whatHaveYou.

The problem with coin in this game, is inless you are wanting to trade with another player, coin is absolutely useless. In every other MMO I have played. Coin feels like it haves a use where I actually want to collect it, because the game is designed where gold/coin is an basic requirement and if you run out of it, it will create a problem for you. In this game you don’t need coin. you can collect and do everything yourself if you are willing to put the time and effort in to doing so. coin is just a short cut that allows you to get items from other players nothing more.

While I agree there needs to be more ways to get coin, but because there is no good sink in this game, I disagree with putting in a system that allows a player to endlessly grind coin. With footfall and/or my suggestion for what they can do to fix part of the coin problem. they can still keep the influx of coin somewhat clamped if they choose to.

I would support your statement, if they also added in NPCs that sold things that could not be gotten anywhere else.

I don’t expect many people to agree with my point of view. As I feel like I am one of the few in this game who haves zero motivation to collect coin in the 1st place. Therefore I see a different type of problem that I think most people don’t see as a problem, or care about.

This is absolutely the case, as I feel it is incorrect and not so good for the health of the game for the main generator of coin to be something that is 100% passive. As it doesn’t do much to motivate people to log in, when most of the coin generated for that player, is done so while that player is offline.

Furthermore. they have gotten so comfortable with this system, some of them may or may not scream to the high heavens the moment their income from this no longer meets his and/or hers expectation of what that player feels like they are entitled to.


yea Seems like they had this great idea for a game went the wrong direction with it said uh-oh let’s put the breaks on footfall because that’s not what they wanted for the game and start planning something else. The question is what are they planning are they looking through a hole only seeing the one problem footfall or are they standing in front of the problem and looking around it for a better alternative. More sand box or more mmo. Right now the coin is so few and in between the game might as well just be a sandbox with great building mechanics. If you want more of a mmo style game play what would you need to achieve that.
Player made quests ok how are they paying people with no coin coming in and no foot fall being generated for them they will have little pockets. Sorry not doing your quest for 100 coin can’t even buy a oort stone with that.
Npc towns / quests maybe would work but then the devs would have to make it and well we’ve seen how long it took to bring small features to the game nothing against the facts things just take time to fit into the game. So I wouldn’t hold my breath because I would pass out long before this system ever came into play. And if I’m wrong it would be interesting to have a dev respond to this question.
How long would it take to implement a quest system/ dev run towns in the game?
There would have to be various beaconed locations on most worlds with a npc in each beacon giving a quest for you to kill, acquire, craft, build, escort, deliver, or whatever in exchange for coin, loot, or exp.


as others and i said often:

just (heavy) increase the giveaway for daily and weekly feets that works with EXP.
make them increase with each day, and increase with each week.
example: per 10k exp per day

  • day 1: 1000c
  • day2: 2000c
  • day3 : 4000c
    and so on until 7 (week)
    and the same then with each week on wich every day was succeeded
    this should just be a non linear scale
  • complete week 1 10000
  • complete week 2 20000
  • complete week 3 35000
  • complete week 3 40000

share income over active players (with a cap ofc) and not over land ownership.

ppl would maybe just login and make some exp for those maybe and thats cool.
reward ppl that log in often and play (whatever they want to play not just meteorite hunting)
not ppl that just claimed land somewhere ages ago.

this way only exp income need to be balanced over game play styles, and income is autoamtically balanced to.


Recycler or coin minting machine will help too.
Maybe put a cap on both if ppl are worried about coin flooding the system.


The nice thing about your suggestion is that hunting, crafting, building, mining and gathering all generate xp so each of these roles could generate coin for the player. Store owners would get coin from successfully generating sales.

My one suggestion would be to add coin for a portal owner when another player uses it. I think portal hubs are vital to the game. They allow the free movement of players and resources through the universe. Since they do require constant input of resources to run (Oort shards), I would think there needs to be a way for the portal to help cover its own cost.

I am not a fan of the current footfall system for similar reasons to yours. It rewards location and not actual delivery of a service to the community (with the exception of portals). Reward players that are playing the game and actively playing the game.


then make a few alts and milk the cow a little more. Lol I like this idea for short term would add a bunch of coin back into the market


well if you make 10 alts then you still need to play with all those!
i dont see a problem here.
i could also have 5 steam accounts or 10 psn accounts to do so.
as long as i need to play the time for it, its ok.

also a solution could be to make this thing account wide.


Either way something needs to be done really would like to know what the devs are thinking :thought_balloon:. They know the economy crashed just as bad as the stock market crash of 1929. I see people jumping off buildings everywhere I go “not really” but still. I want some insight on what they are going to do to fix the problem


It would add coin, but it adds coin for activity versus merely letting someone get 80c footfall per person (in a large settlement) that crosses their one plot every 24 hours. The amounts can be adjusted to not create inflation, but the concept seems sound.

You are correct, I could earn coin on my main with xp then log in with my alt and earn coin. Is this really any different that having plots in a portal hub that belong to your main and alts? you would get footfall for each just like you can get coin for each in the proposed solution. And to @PiratenBraut’s point, you do have to engage in the activity so if you play your main and alts for an hour a piece to get coin, is that bad? At least the coin is going to an active player. The developers could cap the coin that can be earned per account per day if it does seem to be unbalanced.


if you have to put a cap on what people could earn in a day then there is something wrong with that system.


how does this even make sense:

complaining about the possibility to get alot coins out of a system:

complaining about limiting the amount of coins that can come out of a system: