Coin Tap Revamp


My point was with that. Is the minter didn’t cause inflation even tho there’s things that sell better to it over the players.


I think the cryo thing added enough and in a way that helps all players. There has been mention of ‘mobs should drop a small amount of coin’ …they kinda do, don’t they? You can mint their drops so really they drop coin if you want them too.

Plus the minter is helpful for gatherers or miners since it lets them mine for coin or gather for coin…

I don’t think there should be a new tap. I also don’t mind footfall. My beacon is in the middle of no-where so I started a shop early on to make money…made plenty and have been coasting on it since buying what I need/warping.

I could have also just moved my base to a busier area to get footfall…or minted items in my storage to get coins.

Feels like there are a lot of ways to get coin. I would not be looking for any new ways personally.

(not disagreeing with anyone here. Just adding my 2c)


The addition of exos as a coin sink probably is the reason why, without that it would certainly have caused some rampant inflation. If we add in more coin sources while taking out sinks (such as removing coin from warps) there will be inflation.


If it’s not free, it’ll cost resources. Resources you can gather yourself. So no point in using hubs anymore then. I’d gladly pay some resources to be able to warp anywhere i want.


If the material cost was high enough it could still remain as a viable alternative for getting to exos while not negatively impacting the hub usage. Say something along the lines of enriched coal or some such thing.


We shouldn’t hold back the game for the betterment of 4 major hubs and the people that run them. Plus portal hubs were never meant to be the only form of travel.

We need to stop focusing on individual needs and instead focus on the larger game need. Fuel can be a bit hard to make for all I care. Hubs will still exist because people aren’t going to have a million locations and still want the ease of access.

This is about providing a viable economy and other methods of game play that keep people engaged. Coin is going to be made in other ways than the select few that get all the coin from their hubs.

I meant to say that Guild Buffs would be revamped as well. They would require guild member effort and resources to run. I’ve made that suggestion to James before as well as we have a forum post on it. Coin requirements would be removed from any non-economy type thing.


For people who actually utilize the minter to its fullest exo costs are pretty much a joke. So I really don’t think that has anything to do with it. It’s more the crafting times it takes to get things from the minter that are worth while that keep the inflation from happening. Not many people are going to be changing the stones to doors when it takes something like 5hrs to make 50 doors. Even tho that’s 250c on a non coiled minter or 330c on a fully coiled minter. Also those guild buffs are a bigger sink. As well as tax on those fancy tools/bows


Hunting is already a very lucrative activity. I would prefer that other activities get rewarded for once.

And if mobs drop coins, why would hunters sell Oort and not use it themselves?


It doesn’t matter what the devs do, at least one group of people is going to be upset. Im all for completely eliminating coin from the game. But that would be a huge slap in the face to all the people who put tons of effort and hours into their shop.

The only solution I can think of is an AH or a way to plug a shop stand into the atlas to see who’s selling what. The problem with using an atlas is it still doesn’t make shops in lesser known areas visible and the people on top mostly remain on top.

The best solution I have seen so far that used an auction house is one that will spit out a location token when you buy for a free warp to said location, placing you directly on top of the shop stand so you are guaranteed to be able to receive your purchase. (AH stands would require a 2 block clearing above the stand) But now we run into the problem of abuse. I could put a shop stand anywhere in the universe and just buy said item for a free warp at any time.

Of course making warps free from anywhere could negate this. Initially i believe warps were meant to be a coinsink but we have enough of those in game now to make warping free if it will make the economy better. (Cant place a shop stand on an exo)

Then we could implement this idea which I also like.

Lastly, something thats been mentioned many times, is to make footfall a reward for both the person who built the structure and the explorer. Now when someone buys from the AH and warps to your shopstand they may even take time to explore your build because they are also getting something in return for their time.


I keep hearing players bringing up exploration as a reason to not implement Auction Houses. I must disagree with this. It might be exploration the first time you go someplace, but I would hardly call it exploring to visit the same mall day after day to look for something. Already seen it, already been there, so not exploring. Why does exploring need to be part of the economy? Do players not already have the opportunity to explore if they mine or gather? They also explore if they want to find a place to build or check out builds.

And to be honest if I need something to progress on a project then do I really want to waste time walking around exploring anyway? Personally I do not.


I like the idea of having Mobs drop coin…but not 1-10c per monster. That would almost be as bad as the minter. I’m thinking a minimum of say 25c. Obviously I’m sure there is a “happy” amount we could agree on.

Other things that could be implemented:

  1. Daily tasks to do that would get some coin.
  2. Random chests to find and open for coin (think ESO type).
  3. NPC who would buy things at a better rate than the minter.


As long as its non meteor mobs, otherwise meteor hunts would become the only way to make real money considering you could sell drops and oort. But 25c seems like a lot per mob


It’s extremely short sighted to think it’s just the for betterment of 4 major hubs. Basically every capital city has a hub and I’m willing to bet that at least half depend on footfall, how ever much it is to run their operations.

Saying it’s holding back game is strictly a personal opinion and not fact.


Footfall does not bother me at all, those running successful shops or hubs should get a coin to keep it running.
In my opinion (as already many times mentioned by various people) its way difficult to find a shop you need and nearly impossible to compare prices.

I think the idea of is really good and could serve as a kindof “in-game e-bay” thing, where you find what you need and price, but you gotta go and collect it from the stand yourself.

Only open economy can make the pricing stable and mainly getting customers to small shops over the universe.

I learned that I can sell quite easy if i promote it on the forum. The promoted goods are sold in no time. The promotion has effect max 2-3 days. If I don’t do it, nobody will find my shop. That means for me I would need to spam here on my goods min twice a week, which I somehow do not find appropriate.

Therefore I believe people would shop much more, if they knew how to find their vendor for their current need and they knew they could sell their product the same way.


Nothing says that if footfall was removed for whatever reason, that a portal could not generate coin for the owner based on unique trips by players. I think portal hubs are actually good for the game. They provide needed transportation across planets. When we started before the first portal hubs went online, a group of us almost went bankrupt trying to warp where we needed to go to advance in the game and we were all experienced EA players. At that point we had no coin to buy anything so could not participate in the economy even if we wanted to and would never have been able to afford to warp to the shops to buy anything anyway.


Ok so, i help run the TNT hub. And I’ll tell you this much, we heavily partitioned the hub for ff and we barely do more than break even. We have plans to improve that a bit and intend to kick all that back to the partners. BUT ff is NO pot of gold.
To be honest if it dropped much from where it is I suspect that most portal hubs would close (ours would). Everybody knows hubs exist to get from place to place (think metro transit), but one other thing hubs do is create local places to meet and place shops. To use for direction. If i had to explore a planet to find a shop, or pay any amount to warp to x different shops it would be a problem. I am NOT an explorer type. 100% free warping would of course kill portals completely. Which may be fine, i dont know, thats a very big change to the game. It would keep me from spending 30-45 minutes every day or two filling and checking portals though.
Also, as I’ve said before, I believe that more options in game are better than less. Remember that people have finite time and likely wont be able to take advantage of every aspect of gameplay. I see absolutely no problem with ff. None. I also dont mind things being changed. For instance, if ff gave the explorer coin too. That seems like a great idea. Coin drops from mobs also seems great. A free portal (or shards per hour amount) with each portal dist skill is also a great idea. And perhaps a warp cost reduction skill to make trips cheaper if you build that way. One thing a hub cannot do is put you in touch with any given point on a world. What i do is travel to a planet via a hub and then sanctum warp (100c). Perhaps if the achievements/daily quests payouts scaled with inflation/deflation that would help. What if each day you played you got 1000c and if you played every day for a week you got 10000c (for instance).
Or what if we could get coin for people giving our builds a bump through a mailbox. Or if we could give players themselves a positive bumps that got them coin.

All of these methods could still have scaling applied. So if you helped me and i gave you a “like” youd get say 250c, then nothing from me for 48 hours and perhaps only 200c from the next fella…


We got so many hubs to start with. Always used Ultima and Hash’s portals, sometimes PS. But I guess everyone wants their own hub and system. If we had 1 hub and 1 hub only, FF would be great.


I’ll just leave this here as what I would like to see.


I think there is a divide that needs to be resolved before we can have a good ingame economy. Something the devs will need to look into.

There are two player groups fighting I believe on opposite sides. That are causing the inability to find a resolution.

Side 1: casual players that want access to everything because they want the freedom to build and do whatever they want based on limited time availability.

Side 2: players who enjoy complex tasks and rewarding depth of play for crafting/gathering/hunting. That would like to see an ingame economy so they can build specialty shops rewarding them for their efforts on coin.

Once the devs understand how to balance this, I think the economy situation can be tackled. But until that time, neither side will be happy. It will just be a juggle between rare resources that make side 2 happy, or an abundance of resources across the board making side 1 happy.

Edit: @james for brain storming


Perfectly stated, thank you. I agree and ironically find myself on opposite sides at times. `