Tiered Daily/Weekly Activities


Tier Daily and Weekly Activity:

What is it?

An expansion on our current activity system that adds in rewards for playing the game. It provides increasing amounts of coin for each tier that you achieve during your play time. The goal isn’t to greatly increase the amount of coin that is coming into the game, but to help provide people with a little extra as they play the game the way they wish.

How is it going to work?

Every Tier completed provides a payout as follows: (Obviously completely adjustable)
Tier 1: Wood Chest with 100coins
Tier 2: Copper Chest with 250coins
Tier 3: Iron Chest with 500 coins

Then we can break down the game into a few different sections. We take mining, lumberjacking, digging, hunting, building, selling and crafting. Within each of these we can further break it down depending on how many categories we want to add. For example, lets take hunting.

Potential Hunting categories:
-Meteors Completed
-Specific Mob Kills (Spitters, Cuttles…)
-Specific Weapon Kills (Slingbow, Fist)
-Specific Mob Tier Kills (Normal-Elite)
-Broken Weapons

Potential Tier Examples:
-Meteors Completed:
-Tier 1: 1 Meteor completed
-Tier 2: 3 Meteors completed
-Tier 3: 10 Meteors completed
-Specific Mob Kills
-Tier 1: 10 Mobs
-Tier 2: 25 Mobs
-Tier 3: 75 Mobs

Why do I think it is a good idea?

This idea isn’t a complete rework of a system that will negatively effect some people’s play styles. Its an extension onto a system that is already functioning in a very limited capacity. We already have the daily activity active and the chests in place. It shouldn’t require any major changes to the system since it already calculates all of this stuff for the feats.

This system is also extremely modular for the developers. They can make these weekly or daily. They can start it small by adding as little as two tiers, then adjust it to add additional tiers as needed. This allows them to adjust difficulty and coin generation. From this system, only so much coin can be generated per day, per player. Which means they can use it as a baseline to adjust other coin generation.

Finally, from a personal standpoint I see this as something that helps all players. From the newest casual player to the folks who have put in thousands of hours since release. It provides a bonus to nearly every playstyle without taking anything away from anyone else. I firmly believe this game needs some easy wins, and I think this could be an easy win. Besides, its weird to “hint hint” @james without giving a possible solution.

Could we get an Auction house already...please? :)

I was always thinking when hitting the last tier of feats, that there is nothing to be rewarded for after.

So, making the daily/weekly versions of the feats would be nice, I suppose.

My suggestion a long time ago was, that the top tier of each feat could be repeatable (with a number of completions showing in the feat icon corner), although maybe reward could be halved for the repeated completion.


Really like this idea. Hope it gets implemented.


I think it is a great idea. We need something that helps all levels, and this seems to provide for all. From newbies to the older ones who would be doing the tasks no matter what but it makes you feel like it now worthwhile when it is something you don’t really enjoy.