Coins are Getting Hard to Come By

Anyone else having issue generating coins other than minting?

I am finding fewer and fewer request baskets and not selling much in my couple of shops.

Trying to come up with some other ways to generate some coins for a few things I need for the Hub in DK Mall and some other small projects.


I mean, it doesn’t really need to be said because it’s obvious but coins are getting harder and harder to come by simply because less and less people are playing the game and most (read: not all but most) of the dedicated players who were the types to have big shops and put out request baskets, etc, have moved on due to the complete lack of support from @james and the devs. They’ve effectively destroyed this game by doing nothing which is impressive. Never have I seen such complete disregard and resignation for what should be a smash hit of a game if it simply had a couple more updates and appropriate marketing.

This game genuinely has the base to take on and surpass Minecraft if they could just get a couple more key updates out around modding/APIs and a couple other things.


Well I try and put coin in my baskets around the towers of power. As regularly as I can.
Not sure what you’re looking to sell.
Still buying hard coal and iron ore.
Beans and other forging ingredients.
Oort when I can and creature parts.
I’ve got some baskets for gleam, silty soil and sand typically. If any Of this stuff is something you gather. Come run around my place.


Unfortunately, there’s not enough people playing to support a healthy economy.

Your options are: use the chrysominter, ask for donations, exchange work or supplies for coin.


Well I know the reasons why I was just looking for solutions and options lol.

Thanks @majorvex and @georgegroeg

@Dhusk thank you for continuous expression of your view

Edit: Taking coin donations! Also I’ll visit those baskets … BUTT has helped alot!


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Though it is getting harder, still keeping my head above water here by selling on shop stands cheap.

Two best ways to do this using my hub: Amethyst (Corrosive) or Sapphire (Chill) mining. Gives a bunch of fossils that can be minted, and plenty of other stuff to sell. Because of @georgegroeg’s baskets, going for diamonds on Hyrule is a good option as well since you’ll pick up a lot of hard coal.

For best return on tool though, go to the hunting grounds. Always seems to be demand for the critter parts, undercut me on the adrenal glands and you’ll get some coin quick. :wink: And you’ll get a bit of Oort too.

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as a matter of interest are you looking for a steady flow of coins (upkeep of mall portals etc) or more just a one off-coin influx to get projects off the ground?
If one-off then, realistically, how much do you think you need?

I think we should get a Stimulus Check of coin from Boundless Depending on Hours Played (O.O)


It becomes very complicated for us at FCF to pay the buffs etc.

I have not found better than to recycle for parts in the chrysominter with either stones or sponges (it pays a bit if you are really short of money)

this is exactly the reason I had to give up on my community projects, the income is to low to maintain without spending many hours a day for the grind

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I think it depends on how many coins you are trying to make. When I was a brand new player and 10 or 12k coins was all I needed to get the stuff I required, the request baskets that are available were sufficient to keep me in funds. I farmed iron and copper, and made 6 or 7k coins per hour of mining. I harvested sweet and spicy beans and leaves and could make about 4 or 5k coins per hour of gathering.

At this point, more towards mid-game, the resources that I need are more expensive and complex to make, and I find that the prices on request baskets for most resources are not high enough to make it worth it for me to farm them for sale. It is more cost efficient timewise for me to just go collect the resources I need to make what I want, than it is to farm the coins that I would need to buy those resources. There are a couple resources that still give fairly good coins, such as oort and bitter beans, but everything else I would spend more time farming for coins than I would just going and getting what I need. I don’t really like hunting, so I prioritized mining, gathering, and building skill sheets over hunting. I am working on a hunter sheet and am only now getting to a point where I could farm meteors for oort to sell. Mostly I farm bitter beans for coins, and can make about 35-37k coins an hour farming those. One spot I farm is also covered in shadow orb mushrooms, and farming there I can push it to 50k coins for an hour of farming, but that is only an option once a day.

I play with a real life friend, though, and we share everything. Our workshop is shared, with open permissions for doing everything, and we split up the work. He forges all our tools, and makes food and brews. I collect all the ingredients he needs to do that. I craft all the building supplies, and farm massive quantities of rock, wood, sand and ingredients. We are sharing power coils, sharing storage, sharing spark, etc., and this cuts our costs in half pretty much. So our resource needs are split in two and we are mostly self-sufficient. Other players might find coins more necessary than we do, because they are playing by themselves or not sharing the load as much with other people. If I had to buy brews, food and tools I would be massively in the hole.

My chrysominter only has 2 power coils on it at the moment, so making coins that way is a bust. Buying the coils is out of the question pricewise, and getting the materials I need to make the coils to max it out is gonna take more than a while. No one really visits my builds, so coins from footfall is a bust. I have a shop, but even with prices listed at the very lowest on BUTT I seldom get shoppers and have pretty much given up on that whole merchant thing. There isn’t anyone to buy the stuff I can afford to sell. So the shop thing is a bust.

So…yeah. I find it difficult to generate coins. I don’t think the economy is so busted that a brand new player would be completely out of luck, but once you get towards the mid-game it gets kinda tough. If you are buying your tools, food and brews instead of forging and crafting them yourself, it might be painful. Buying building materials is mostly out of my price range, so I just make them all unless I need really small quantities.

Lmfao :rofl:. Stimulus check. I’ll sign up. Had 50 million 4 months back. Logged on and kept giving it away to players. Now I’m under 1 million. I thought I would be able to easily get it back like I could last year. I was wrong. (Well the way I was earning it). You could make 50 mil in 2 weeks last year. Maybe it’s just my motivation and lack of searching but with no new content in any form I can’t find the means to keep playing. Bravo to those who kept playing. 2 years straight for me I need a huge change to the game.

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Well to answer most of the questions. I could technically make a million coins in a short period of time. I am not one that usually takes hand outs and believe me I’ve been offered some.

I am trying to head off some issues I foresee coming and some is self-inflicted. I used to farm bitter beans like a mad man. I’d take 2-3 hours a day and just do that. That was my original way of making coins as a newer player.

I then started doing hunts over and over… and got enough oort I could sell as I didnt run many portals.

Nowadays I am running DK Mall and while DK had a decent amount of Oort it is going quite low and really there aren’t too many portals I need to run there but the few I do run are costly. I was making pretty good coin with my concrete shop but that has dwindled and the many hunts I could make mainly the Tesseract and Valhalla ones are non-existent.

So I have a lot of things I can sell. I really want to get the new DK Mall hub done and I am quite unsure just how much I need but with the new hub and the general maintenance of DK Mall and some personal portals and smaller projects I just foresee coins becoming a big issue for me in the near future.

Edit: I prefer not to sell all my stuff I suppose I’ll just break down and farm more again and sell to baskets. Not a big deal just not efficient in todays Boundless.

I honestly think that Boundless is dieing since the devs can’t work on Boundless or they are choosing not to. I know they are working on another game and they may not be allowed to work on Boundless but to not have any communication or anything in so long people are loosing faith in Boundless and having them tease us with the update over a year ago I think now and we still know nothing that’s going on regarding any new update.

I was here since day one of PS4 release played everyday but I’m am having a harder time wanting to even play now in the last month I’ve not played for more then 5 hours probably it’s sad I love the game but lost faith that it’s going to get any more performance update or new content.

Not just for you, but for everyone.
I will be buying Gems at market value for the foreseeable future at the Global Hub.

Also, with the coin market pretty much crashing, I am lowering the price on all my forged items.
I do enjoy forging, and I always feel bad trying to explain why I charge what I do (did, now) for tools.

It’s more than money now. It’s more about the community we still have left.

I want everyone to be able to easily access higher forged items. I’m not out to get rich. I forge for the fun, the community, and to pay for guild buffs.

Also, @Redlotus I’m on daily. So, if there’s anything I can ever help with, I’m just a message away. This also, goes towards anyone reading this. I’m here for you. <3


@CleoStJames I definitely relate to your post. If it wasn’t for the fact that my gf and I split work in the same manner as you guys, I’m not sure how we’d do it! We have always sold pies and brews as supplemental income, but alas. that well has dried up. We assume that most who are left are long timers as well, who already have the means to craft their own at cost. Footfall has all but gone too. So yeah, its pretty much supply baskets and minter for coin at this point. Oort was making me a pretty penny, but new job has me working 12 hr days, so 2 hour hunts are on pause atm…

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Question? Why do you need coin?
I mean coin is only good if you need to pay for buffs right? You can mine, craft, build, hunt without coin if you just play the game- so why are we so reliant on coin to enjoy the game?

Coin is really there to allow players to shortcut the main game right? Buy to avoid the aim of the game.

Just a observation hahah


Well we aren’t so reliant on coin, but when hunts aren’t as common and you might want some rare color of gleam or other blocks it becomes harder to get. I am not a new player really and I can technically generate a bit of coin but as I have noticed and I am sure others have its just slower.

At some point we may not be able to even get are colors so I am hoping that stuff gets handed down from leaving players which includes coins.

Totally agree with you bro, in the past month I’ve noticed a lot a old player leave and pass down to friends or guild members which is great to see :heart:. Maybe we should band together and do joint projects ?