Coins are Getting Hard to Come By

Yeah boy you know it you handsome man hahaha @kasaisaru



In my opinion, it would be amazing to see some people band together and make something worth being around. A settlement that actually makes ya wana spend the day there again. I remember the feeling from the beginning when we were all mostly working towards something in common.


You hit the nail on the head. I always try to make as much of what I need myself, but sometimes, I just realize that if I don’t buy the mats, I’m several weeks+ out on finishing builds. I recently needed 2500 compact gold alloy for a build. I farmed a GREAT deal of it, but absolutely just caved and bought the rest of what I needed, after 2 weeks of farming :no_mouth:

So yes, its a luxery mostly, but if I didn’t skip ahead in places, I’d never finish and most likely lose interest.

That is definitely getting harder to justify tho, as we have all stated, coin is gettin harder to get in “volume” for sure :roll_eyes:

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If you start to struggle with the oort to feed portals, just know when to pull out the plug.

Idk if you are alone taking care of this, but “portal hubs” were meant to be fuelled by a group of players and not a single one.

You better enjoying the game than grinding for this. Portal hubs (This coming from a guy that used to do that) is the most grindy thing in the game by far. Not only from oorts amount it is needed but bigger portals need to be refreshed very often.

You seems to have a big heart and want to keep what was once built and props to you for that but sometime you need to move on over your new project than holding the old. This is just a piece of advice you do whatever you want.

Like @Kemyobra kinda said, it might be a good time to reband and create something new where there is a bit of life.


So maybe before any potential “downsizing” of planets officially (doubt that would happen, but its been heavily suggested), that we “downsize” ourselves. Having the remaining players on say maybe 6 or so planets would certainly make the game feel more alive while playing…getting us old timers to set up new places may be a bit difficult, but maybe worth a shot?

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Well I think there is a certain amount of coin needed to get to the point to sustain a few things. Technically you dont need it but when the population becomes low the hunt become less… so things are needed and as mostly a solo player… I at times have to purchase some things.


Good points indeed :hugs:, I used to lead hunts on and off but mostly ran solo due to time zone as I’m in australia and most of the players seems to be from UK or USA. Occasionally I would get 5-8 players join but too be honest I love the smaller groups for speed hunting.


If we did downsize as a majority willingly, we could still keep some outposts for needed materials…I may or may not be looking at you @bucfanpaka :eyes: Not sayin, just sayin :grin:


I’d be down to start over with some people :man_shrugging:
Itd be an upgrade from solo mode right now :joy:


I’m down to partake in a communal themed build.

I’m a little stretched for time cause of work but if this gets going I’ll jump in when I can.

I enjoy building/designing over farming mats.

(Should look for a plot lord to reserve the area we aim to build on.)


My understanding of the game was that people were not supposed to do everything themselves. That is why skill sheets only allow a certain number of points to be selected. That is why crafting times are so high, and recipes are so complicated. Players were intended to pick a couple of crafting lines and activities to focus on, and then trade for the stuff they were not doing. You need to be able to make coins in order to do that.


This exactly!

I was just thinking about this the other day. I have seen some complaints and concerns about crafting times and if you are playing solo (like me) it becomes a real chore to craft anything in mass quantities. To compensate for that people just make more machines. For concrete I went from 2 mixers to 50 mixers to account for the time I have to wait for crafting. I can then make the amounts I needed to account for bulk orders and not have anyone waiting for longer than needed.

This has always been one of my thoughts on the game. It is not intended for solo players. I mean it’s more than obvious. You are limited on space if you don’t have a ton of plots so you may not have the room to build a huge workshop of 25-50 machines of each type. So while I may make concrete it may not be worth my time to forge thus why I rely on @KArios for tools.

Sadly with the population being lower some things are just harder to come by.

I am down with picking a planet and build with a bunch of us that are still around and intend on playing until the end :slight_smile:


Since a player can have more than one skill sheet, there really is no limit to the skills they can have. So I do not think this is a valid argument. In addition, the next release would have allowed for even more skills to be had on a single skill page so the direction of the game was not to limit what a player could do, but to allow a single character to do everything and this was going to make it even easier to do that.


This still doesn’t account for crafting times and hunts and various other chores that are just more efficiently done in groups. I personally have not had a huge issue with the crafting times, but understand where people do have issues with them.

One of the issues for me with Boundless is it never really solidifies its identity.

Is it an MMO if everyone can play solo?
Is it sandbox if you are really limited by crafting times and or availability of colors/blocks?

Back on topic: While coins do allow you to shortcut some things you really need them at certain points in the game to me if you are doing anything large project wise with a fairly large amount of rare blocks or colors.

A prime example for me is concrete. I want to sell ALL colors of concrete. My options are to make a goo farm and get all the colors myself or buy sprays. I personally would rather buy from @Larky and support her efforts versus spending all my time doing the goo myself. Not that I don’t want a goo farm, I would just rather use the whole MMO idea and support someone else who already has established the whole spray idea.

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I have to agree with @Kal-El on this, I farm, craft and hunt solo most of the time when I’m playing. I switch between sheets based on what I need to do at the time. Saying that I do randomly empty shop stands from stores for fun when I have some spare coin to support players hahaha. And I also run into stores to generate footfall for store owners regularly.


Isn’t a character limited in the number of skill sheets they can have? I thought you could only make up to 5. 5 would give me enough to have a hunter, gatherer, miner, builder and forger, but not unlock all crafting lines fully. Alternatively, I could unlock all the crafting lines, but not max out on all the gathering/mining/building/hunting. I’m still going to have to pick something not to do, unless I want to run a bunch of alts.

I’m not saying that it isn’t possible to do it all, just that I didn’t think that was how it was intended to work.

Also, the next release doesn’t seem to be coming any time soon, if at all. So I don’t think what that release has planned is really relevant… :woman_shrugging:

I do think it is relevant if you are trying to determine if the developers intent was to limit skills. Since they already allowed multiple skill sheets and they were going to allow for more skills per sheet and allow for skill points to be shared across different skills sheets, they obviously had no issue with limiting (through skills) what a player could do with one character. On the test system, I have a character that has all the skills.

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Ok, if you are just looking to the intent then I can understand that. Wasn’t the next release supposed to add solo mode? Local universes? So they intended for people to be able to do everything there, obviously. But I have not seen where they explained exactly what changes were supposed to go into the MMO. Some of those threads were quite long, so I might have skipped reading where they answered that.

They were also planning to decrease crafting times in the solo universes, if I recall correctly, but I never saw them say they were going to do so in the MMO.

This was never stated by a developer, so this is purely speculation by some parts of the community and a I think a desire by players to be able to mod player created universes to be different from the public universe.

Actually all the changes (including the skill tree changes) were going into the MMO. This was made clear to me based on a conversation I had with James before they stopped having the monthly Oortian calls.


money comes, money goes, money is worth nothing if you cant buy the stuff you want :woman_shrugging: thats how it has always been in boundless. maaan just remembering the times when they totally dumped ff into the trashcan and the whole economy collapsed … HEH.