Colourful Oorlds

Update is coming soon…


Super cool. :cake:

Btw - Gasan does have islands in it - so if you can find them you’ll be able to get the colours as well.


Hey this is really cool, thanks!


Assuming you plan to do all the worlds - we’ll post it out as news on and @oortonline once it’s ready.


Thank you! I will find islands among Gasan’s waters and update pictures.

Lepker is here!

Hey! Whose house on a photo?

I wanted to publish pair of pictures every time, but today is only one lepker.
However, to do you cheerful persons I publish here another one picture:

apocalyptical sun of eisa

Enjoy and wait for new updates! :wink:

Goog time! Be healthy, @james, and thank you so much!
I found it :wink:

Colours of Gasan’s Islands is here

Hey, stop: here is three colours of trees!

Old picture of gasan and one day of the islands here:

Please, enjoy and wait for new updates! :wink:

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I’m gonna take that post as - I own my own sun on eisa :wink:

I found mistake in picture of Gortnen. It had caption “gortem” :hushed:

For your enjoy, three more pictures with sun for @Apocalyptica:

Heh… It’s looks like topic is very heavy, because used png pictures. In near future, I will change pictures to jpg. Turn on!


Well, all pictures was replaced to jpg. Now they must loaded 3-4 times quickly :grinning:

If somebody interested in download initial png pictures with best quality, use code of page and alt labels:

<img src="/uploads/default/1706/28a7a7e2293ed9de.jpg" alt="/uploads/default/1346/b7d83d42583c0887.png">

Next pictures I shall not load in png, and if you want get it, please tell me.

Three in row!

Meezan, Nasag and Qebeql in new update! Already after 102.


…and best illustration to question “Why you changed the colours?!” is…

Lepker is here!

Again? Yes, it’s again here. Now in 102-colours:

And how it looked in old times (find ten differencies):


Sorry me, dear Oorthers, for my long silence. My IRL occlusions and collisions prohibited from playing and posting.
Well, now I show you all two old worlds and one new:

Hey! Why Ruccie and new Civini is so dark for me?

May somebody find this place for me?
I lost my lovely photographic view :frowning:

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