Combat Combos

I am not sure if I like this but my hearts tells me “HELL YEAAAAAAAAA” but what do you guys think? too much for a sandbox game? i think it would be nice for pvp and the game in general. the way it would work? im not sure yet…but whats your thought on this, forum and Devs if possible?

Edit: Maybe it could go kind of like this:

First you need to put in mind you had to have a progressing system, you would not have this combos from the get go. Maybe by buying/making new weapons you would have better/different combos. and depending on type of weapon(bow/axe/hammer) you would have different “specials” or affects on the enemy. so even if the combos are similiar, one(weapon) is faster, one knocks the enemy, etc.

Imagining we have a stamina bar and a hammer, and imagining the hammer is the way for knockbacks/ups/downs, you could LCx3(Left Click) for a standard combo, i.e.: A hit from the right to left, from the left to right and right to left. simple but the last one dealing a little more damage and knockback than the rest of the attacks and having a really slight delay compared to the couple first hits. imagine like b=start of the atack animation, o=duration between the left to right(for example) and m=end of animation. so it would go: boom, boom, booom.

But that was the basic combo(for the hammer), a not so basic combo would be LC,LC,RC(right click) which would be right to left, left to right and back to front(off course in the animation the “front” part would go slightly down). This would do even more damage and knock back than the basic LCx3. Progressing you could do a LC,LC,RC(hold) you would do, at the end, a up to down instead “knocking down” your oponent, depending on the type of terrain and the power of the weapon, you could root your enemy to the ground briefly.

Another i.e. would be LC,RC,RC. for a right to left, up to down and down to up which would knock the enemy back and into the air by 2/3 blocks for example. that could scale on the strength of the weapon too. and a more advanced combo would be LC,RC(hold),RC(hold) to do a right to left, up do down(and root) and down to up(and knock up a by 1 more block or 2 and backwards a little more).

and later on you could have a 5 clicks combo like, LC,LC,LC,LC,LC and would do this and that then you could go LC,RC,LC,RC,LC etc, etc.

If you had a shield (if there is any) you could defend yourself with the scroll or a letter or CTRL or Shift.

As long as you can’t tell me what exactly you mean, I can’t tell you if I like it.^^


As @KuroKuma said, could you eleborate on that?

What do you exactly mean by combos? Do you mean pressing buttons in an order to do special moves, using abailites or weapons in a specail order to do higher damage or that people who fight together can get synergy bonuses?

There is a lot of ways to word combo can be used in games.


Exactly it. Would this be a good feature in this game?

been discussed alot, personally i have only seen combo systems done properly in third person games, not so much in first person.

if you have a suggestion you need to make an idea and elaborate on it, an example


I will elaborate something now then



whaaat?! hahah

i edited the thread, what do you think about the idea/concept?

Asheron’s call didn’t have combos–in fact, it really just had weapons-based attacks with the option for a “super” or “master” attack. City of Heroes added combo attacks later on–but it had such a variety of different powers that one could invent combos on the fly anyway. Snipe->root/immob->close high-power attack/retreat sorts of things were common.

What I wouldn’t want to see is this go too far into the game controller realm where actual success in combat depends on hitting Morse Code combos among the six or so buttons (ABCD and X/Y, are they?), because as a PC player–who will never, ever buy a PS/4/5/6/x, nor will I be buying XBox controllers, because I find them non-intuitive and uncomfortable–I find that sort of play terribly limiting. I know I’m fighting an uphill battle here, because an entire generation of game players seem to have done nothing but mash six buttons for a quarter-century, but that’s how it plays out for me. (How, exactly, do players with nothing but game controllers chat in an MMORPG? I’ve never been able to figure that out.) Reducing something as potentially elegant as this to little more than a couple of Konami-code sequences strikes me as a grave injustice.

Not that there are plans to do that. I’m just putting this out there as a perspective.


who is asheron? is your intention to say “no” to the combos idea? the ones i pruposed were simple just right lick and left click combos.

Meh I would rather have synergies between weapons and abilities than, click/button combos.


Asheron’s Call (I forgot to cap the ‘C’) is an MMORPG that began in 1999 and is still kind of out there. (

I’m not necessarily dismissing combos of a left-click/right-click nature, I just wanted to make a point about not having combat go completely console-oriented.

@Thorbjorn42gbf - perhaps both ideas could be accommodated. I don’t see any reason that one would exclude the other.