Coming back is a bad experience

So I intentionally let my beacons go in the hopes that the bonfires would have some use in the world and unfortunately they did nothing and vanished as did everything I owned… but this was when it hit me the hardest… if you lost everything as I did… and you are trapped with no points on a level 3 world… and the players who’s portals you used to use also left and all of that stuff vanished, which ironically happened… you get trapped in a impossible situation…

You need to implement a level 1 free warp when all beacons that are owned are removed or expired or else coming back is not only depressing but makes you not want to stay back.
You also need a permanent bank of 16 spaces to store item’s that you can come back and use rather than losing it all because what you have on you breaks as you die which will happen on a level 3 and you don’t have enough room to store them. Like an enderchest from minecraft or something where the time comes for you to come back you just remake it as it should be pretty cheap and you can re-access your goods.

As for now, I’m stuck on a level 3 planet with nothing and no way to really get started after you changed the difficulty… Kind of in a pickle.


What planet and where I can come and help you get to a starter planet if you like just need way point and time you can be there and if you come to Aquatopia on solum there are many players here that can help

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The capital is the yellow icon on your compass. You can find portals their.


This makes me think that a personal mini-storage in the Sanctuary might not be a bad idea.


Is that the risk you take by making a level 3 world your home? :slight_smile:
You can’t make a warp to a level 1 world? All planets have the ingredients to do so. The coin it costs is the same as the daily activity bonus for being logged in.

But I get your point, there should be a way to go back to a beginner world, but how would that go? Talk to the person in sanctum and ask him to reset your homeworld, and that only once per timeperiode to prevent abuse?

Why did you let your beacons run out if you’re going to complain about losing everything? You knew they were on a timer. Kinda your own fault?


Every Planet in the game has an active portal…

Your compass shows portals in a bluish purple color… Just walk to one and use it…
Again Garunteed every planet in the game has a Portal currently Infact I would wager every planet in the game has atleast 12…

And if your on a Ring planet I would wager your planet has alot more then 12 portals… You just need to simply use your legs and go find one…

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Go to the Sanctum and use the portal on the right rather than the one on the left. Choose a starter planet to go to.

You didn’t “lose” anything. “So I intentionally let my beacons go” is another way of saying you threw everything away.

Please be aware that in a 1.0 version of the game there might be situations where we don’t have tons of portals. I think it would be fair if everyone just saw the concern here in the message and stop trying to always solve it.

The core message here is that if you lose your beacons (for whatever reason) that it completely sucks starting over especially if you are on a harder planet. In a 1.0 environment this will affect how people see the game and the type of reviews and everything else.

Having a simple way to help people restart the game would be nice and a smart move by the developers.


There has been talk on this a while back about what happens to a players possessions when their beacon expires. With the gifting system in place already, it looks like it might be a possibility for a player to retain some, if not all, of their storage inventory for when they return to the game.

The main issue still surrounding the implementation of that system, is making it so it’s not exploitable - so people can’t double up on their stash of items, by having a friend loot the beacon when it expires.

Personally I’d prefer anything in any form of storage, whether it be machine or storage block, to be retained by the player whose beacon has expired, and anything that is physically placed in the world is fair game to looting.


In that scenario, you can use the sanctum to teleport to your Landing Site location.

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Not if you remove the location which most people will because there is a very small amount of locations that you can have. Yes they can use probably a location in the listing (if they have one).

I could see initially a section where you can build and place 2-4 storage blocks and items. See it as an emergency cache. Then if your beacon expires you will have access to that. Maybe the cache is set up to only allow a basic set of machines and items used by levels 1-4 or something. This way people can’t put in like a dark matter bow and use the cheat you mentioned.

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If they don’t have a list of locations saved then they have no reason to remove the landing site as their location list only has one location… the landing site, if they have no beacons and no saved locations. Personally, I still have my landing sites on all my character’s lists as a just in case place.


I’m not complaining about the losing everything as much as the fact that you need to lose everything because you have a life outside of a video game. It’s just bad design. Need a personal storage chest. As for it being my fault, yea that was the point. I was testing it to see how it felt. That’s the point of early access. To try all aspects.


another solution would be to make it so you can’t remove your landing site and make it so it has no cost/warp sec to warp to the landing site.


You assume I put a point in compass. :wink: Now if it cost nothing and was a default perk that would also be a good option but as it is not that another fix the devs would need to make. However I can jump over it thanks to reset.

I lost everything with my highest character. In my case it was also intentional as I simply deleted the character without saving anything from it. That got rid of the beacons, storage, inventory, coin, plots, etc. all in a couple seconds. I intentionally got rid of everything, so, I didn’t lose anything. I simply chose to start fresh so that I could see what life is like currently for new players. Saving any of my possessions would have defeated the whole point of starting over. If people want to delete their landing point, that is also their choice. Don’t make it impossible for someone to make that choice. We don’t need big brother forcing us to make what big brother thinks are the right choices. We simply need to make the right choices for ourselves without taking away the ability of others to make choices for themselves that don’t harm other players. Real life we need smaller government dictating fewer things. In the game we don’t need dictated to either.

So make beacons last forever is what you are saying as they have a hard limit anyway?

Also restarting from scratch is a little different because you are back on a level 1, you get progression back and you are on a low level planet once again. It’s actually more advantageous to delete your character and start over.

No way! Beacons and fuel are great the way they are. Expiring beacons causes automatic cleanup after players quit etc. The longer you play the more you appear committed and the better fuel you can make. Those who have played long can make fuel that only needs fueled about twice a year. You can buy it long before then just using money from daily bonuses. You said it was your choice to have your beacons expire, therefor it was your choice to lose your inventory just as it was my choice to delete my highest character without saving coin, inventory, or anything. If you don’t like the results of the choice you made, the answer is not to change the game, but, change your own choices in the future. The game worked fine. The beacons and fuel did exactly what we want them to do.

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