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295ish people from Europe if you count us all as one number. Suddenly the US 232 is a pretty reasonable comparison!


310 if I counted correctly^^ but some of them might count towards asia^^


LOL amurica has too much time for video games lol


It’s a statistical illusion x3
A state in the US is like a country here in europe- if you divide 232 by the 50 states you end up with 4-5 people per state which is significantly below the UK number!

Of course if you divided the total of europe by the number of countries in europe you’d also get a rather low number, as you can see we’ve got some 1s in there.


Tiny Belgium is well represented :heart_eyes:


Who’s here from Ireland? Get in touch :smile:


One of the people from Ireland is none other than… me!


Was wondering … Will be localization of the game into other languages in the future?


I hope so, my ex gf who want to play Oort as well only buys it if it is available in german.


I think, people from many countries can help with it after full release.


i never understood why you need different languages, like seriously >.<


Me neither, I mean if I can have a game in japanese why make a german translation. One language is enough.


i can only imagine translating things into english because it is generally something alot of people uses, but sadly i have to bow down to the fact that spanish is almost (if not more) spoken than english.

i just never understood why germans got things translated to their language.

as a dane i would never touch anything translated to danish, not even menus on steam and that stuff, same with voiceovers, the original language is the best.


one of the reasons I watch, Anime for example, on Japanese, original language and voices ftw.


same. i always play the jap games with japanese voices, also listning to it.

i also prefer french movies in french, chinese movies in chinese and so on. as long as i have english subs.


Translations are important for people who don’t speak the native language of the game. We can’t make people learn English just to enjoy something awesome.

Though admittedly, I believe if voices are done in one language, they shouldn’t be messed with. I like subtitles and original languages, at least for anime. I’m not sure if Oort will even have English voices in it though. It would be weird if it did.


Yes the original voices are the best but not everyone can speak english,japanese or whatnot. And subtitles do not work that well in a menu^^

Germans (reminder I’m not german) get stuff translated because of the same reason everything gets translated into english. Patriotism. They love their language^^ (Or at least it seems so from an outside perspective)

@Selzyr yes completely right^^

@Darkicus stop writing the same thing I’m writing xD


now that I look at it, lots of people from the UK, interesting.

are the devs/project from the UK too?


yes, they even mention that in a trailer^^ Gilford in the UK is where they develope the game.


O_ o…huh, one must wonder if they need more 3d designers currently.