Community: Boundless Community Around the World


It’s early days yet for the new Oort Online forum, but here’s where in the world people are coming from:

Community: Oort Online Community Around the World - Jan 2016

Thats really interesting.


wuuhuuu 10 people from denmark


So we found the first two :slight_smile:


YUJU!!! 9 from spain!!!


'Murica F*** Yah! :sunglasses:

:kissing: :notes: :musical_note:


i like how oort have sold almost 3 times the amount of copies in america than it has in its birth country UK xD


That’s probably true for a lot of games


I would imagine that the US has a bigger market for this sort of game, especially considering the game is only in English currently


greets from austria here :smiley:


232 from USA, but how many from Texas? There is a big difference…


Israeli here!

I’m surprised israel is pretty high on the country list, considering the small size of this country this is ALOT


I find this stat a bit confusing, is it a projection of sorts? Because we have thousands of backers, but the sum of all players or people on this graphic are ~500 (?) . Turkey is missing as well as South Africa.


Bokke, this is for the forum users, not all the game supporters


.` thanks


Well, I call out to the other 3 swiss forum users xD It should be possible to unite us or not?^^


remember your swiss neutrality, so why grouping up? ;D … By the way: Never thought us Germans on the third place (I thought we would be way lower in the ranking ^^)


You’re to talkative that’s why :stuck_out_tongue:
But I just want to know who they are^^ It’s not like I would want to only hang out with them from now on^^


Good, cuz I would miss you :stuck_out_tongue:


aww thanks^^