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It took a while but I’ve found the old version as example for this post

and this

Can you post a new version from this old post but 1 picture for the new user and 1 for all user ?

It’d be very interested in how many people from what countries come.
And how many players there are a total of previously logged.
And maybe if possible How many players have what rank, because in the forum you can see that nowhere ^^

@OortSimon or @james


Here’s some updated data of Forum visitors;-


a new user is defind as what in the forum ?

and this 9392 people only from the forum or from the game ?

This is data in Google Analytics, collected from forum visitors only.
A “New User” is actually a distinct “internet browser visit” (where cookies are allowed to be saved to remember that browsers visit) e.g. if the same person visits the forum using 2 different computers it gets counted as 2 “users” (it’s quite confusing to call this data “users”, in fact it’s impossible for Google Analytics on it’s own to actually count people - how would it know when it’s the same person just using a different device?)

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can you give us some information over:

  • how many players registerted for the game (game not forum, because to much player has nop forum registration)?
  • how many players has the orrtian / master / chieftain / pioneer / wayfarer / adventurer rank (not the wrong numbers from the badges)?



@Vastar: false … this is only the forum

this badges still wrong numbers and only for the forum.

as example many player has more than 1 backer level badge ^^

Oh I thought your 2nd question was referring just to the forum, sorry, misinterpretation by me :sweat_smile:

The data on the Boundless website shows this.


Seems like i’m the only one from Estonia ^^


And you’re officially our favourite Estonia member!!


sweden number 10 bby

where can you see that? i can’t seem to find it.

I’m wondering if I’m the only one from Switzerland because it seems like there were a lot more than one Swiss coming to this site^^