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simple: ask them :slight_smile:


did so, now the wait game.


Yes! We definitely intend to localise the game. Our first step will be REFIGS (Russian, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish), but we’re also planning to support a range of Asian languages. With community support we can definitely go even wider.

Also - to address some of the comments questioning if localisation is necessary - there is a lot of data out there that shows that localised games perform better with localisation. This is especially important for younger players who can be put off because they’re still learning other languages at school. So if we want broad appeal, and demonstrate that we’re welcoming to a wide variety it’s important.

Relatively speak localisation isn’t expensive - particularly for OO where the game isn’t particularly language or text intensive.

We may even localise the game into Australian just to keep @Squidgy happy… :rocket:


I wish to be greeted by a “G’day” when entering a new server :wink:


And a red carpet leading to your throne made out of pure gold infused with oort shards?


I expected more EUROPE for obvious reasons. Seems like Japan and South Korea is way under represented. That is a huge market.


i always wondered why australian play survival games at all, they can step outside their house and everything is trying to kill you there anyways xD


Agreed - and Chinese.

(But we plan to crawl before we attempt to run.)


training purposes I guess


Do japanese. i want you to brain wash them so i can go to kiss anime and watch ‘‘Oort online, the anime!’’ xD


those people know what’s up! Cyclocross and beer!


… And also added: There are many countries where you don’t learn english in school (or not have to, but can). And then there are the people who just have problems with other languages (like my ex gf for example, who will be happy tomorrow if I tell her that Oort will be localised :wink: ).

James, how will you manage the localisation progress? How can we as the horde of supporter help you out? :wink:


who the other indonesian?? lets be friend if you are on oort forum
im lonely :frowning:


oort online the anime will be goat woman with oversized boobs as the main character
damn… that will be scary
im afraid to sleep now


only if an american draws it accordingly to his stereotypes about japan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think launching in China is a big hurdle with their censorship regulations. Although adding translation to the game in comparison is probably rather easy.


Yep! But we still get quite a few requests from Chinese speakers. (Well so Google Translate tells us.)


can you post a new version of this map ?^^


Here you go, the forum top 25 New Users locations;-

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Getting absolutely trampled by USA xD