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It’s not so bad if you look at it in terms of whole continents;-


What counts as ‘‘not set’’? people on the moon? xD


Or here…


Sitting in the space station
‘‘You claim you have realistic physics?!! why cant you float around if that is the case! false marketing!!’’


I wanna know who the other norwegians are.


nice big thx
germany has 10%, yes but where are all the German people XD i only know 2 or 3 XD

is it possible to post every month this 1 time ? maybe at the end of month or at begin ?

I always find it very interesting how many people play and from where they are.


And Denmark staus in 10th place.


lol, where are they coming from?


@james I just met a Russian player online, and I was trying to communicate with them via the chat. I feel bad that they had to do all the work translating from English to Russian. I used Google translate and tried to copy paste text in the chat box, but found that I couldn’t, not sure if it just won’t paste or it didn’t support the cyrilic alphabet. Are there things I don’t know about that will help with this communication barrier now or in the future? I want to be able to make the effort to communicate with everyone, and meet somewhere in the middle.


Pretty sure chat doesn’t support Cyrillic. Should this be on this thread though?


I thought this thread was the closest to what I was looking for… didn’t realize it was so old. sorry.


While this has been necro’d, it would be interesting to get the updated number of players per country now. :slight_smile:

As posted here before (May 2015):


Tis a wrench, not a spanner. :wink: America is #1.


We all know it’s a key. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well for the sake of the U.S creating peace for north and south korea I think we can call it a wrench as a gift.


Several games I play there are many Brasilian players and most usually use Portuguese. I know some are from Japan or Japanese ancestry and use Japanese. Brasil is more of a melting pot than the U.S. will ever be, so, many know whatever the language is in their family as well as Portuguese, often Spanish (since most of the rest of South America speaks Spanish) too and sometimes English which is often poor. PlayStation I know is the biggest console there. Anyway, there are several countries Portuguese is one of the main languages, so, you might do well to try and get things in Portuguese. If you need help finding someone I may well be able to find someone to translate as I have many Brasilian friends (mostly journalists or former journalists) in both Brasil and the U.S. plus I know a man from England that lives most of the time in Brasil the last few decades and married a Brasilian.


Here’s an update of visitors to the forum;-


Excellent. Good to see the Brits are thrashing the Germans :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting stats though, they help show your progression over time :smiley:


Weeee 28th!
Where are the 488 of you guys?!


The Seventh! It’s more than we could to hope.