Community Event - Availability 😏

Hey guys! Remember this thread? Well, we’ve been hard at work getting some fun things set up for you guys (Especially the ones who complain that they never see other people in the game… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )!

Things should be ready within the next week or two we hope, but you should definitely let us know when you’re available so we can set a date and time to get the most participation possible (especially you, @Squidgy, as I’m hoping you’ll be able to film it!). The team I’ve been working with has been pretty enthusiastic about the things we’ll be presenting to you guys so get pumped! :triumph:

Also, I believe I will be able to offer $$$ rewards to winners of our three “games”. Probably like a $5 (USD, sorry) Amazon E-Giftcard to each winner or a $20 E-Giftcard if someone is lucky enough to win all three! :blush: So definitely use that link up there ^^ to let us know when you’re available to come chill with us and have a chance to earn a bit of free money!


How about Saturday November 21st. At 15:00 UTC

3pm London
9am Central US
11pm Western Australia


Welllll that’s actually my birthday and I’ll be out of town that day :pensive: :confounded:

But I like the sentiment! It seems like it should work for multiple people, but I think using the link is the only way to definitively find out what works best for the most people.

ALSO NOTE: The link has times in GMT. So document your availability accordingly.

The timezone ajusts acording to your position. Or you can do it manually so that shouldn’t be a problem^^

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Yep, only when filling out though, not when reviewing. Thanks for pointing that out though!

My issue will be timing until after Christmas. I’m managing santa photos at the largest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere, so as you can imagine I will be SUPER busy for the next 6 weeks. (I’m working 6 days a week, around 10 hours a day)

Unfortunately due to timezones, this is going to be even more difficult. It will probably have to be a thing where you’ll have to message me being like “Yo Squidgy, you around to record in 1 hour?”.

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Sounds good, thanks for letting me know! If all else fails, I’ll be there with some not nearly as spectacular filming skills.

Also much much luck to you. That sounds like a wonderful opportunity but also crazy overwhelming haha.

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Im not in school for the next month so pretty much any day any time of the day :video_game: :sun_with_face: :first_quarter_moon_with_face:

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Weekends During the day in the eastern US (12pm -12 am EST) And some weekday evenings (7pm-12am EST) Just let us know when, I am sure lots of us will be able to show up :smiley:

Sounds like fun! If the time is workable for me, count me in.

Feel free to mark your availability with the link I provided! That way we’ll know for sure!

So far only five people have signed up! Please please please sign up with your typical availability folks! We want this to be successful and a chance for new players to get to know long-time backers as well as a chance to showcase fun things already possible in the game! We can only do that with your help!

I am working every saturday between 5 a.m. to 3 p.m GMT +1.
Afterwards I have time. Additionally Sunday is my chillday :smile: