Community Event Team - Call to Arms!

Hey forums,

With the new announcement of Boundless at Paris Games Week, our beloved game has a fair number of fresh new eyes on it. I think, as a community, we have a golden opportunity to come together and host some events to show these new people why we think this game has so much potential and why we love it so much.

To that end, I’m trying to revive some sentiment some people felt a few weeks ago. This is a call to arms/action for people who would be interested in joining an event planning committee or who would be willing to contribute their building expertise to making some events a possibility/look awesome. In other words, I’d like to form two teams: a team to plan fun events and talk logistics and a team to make any in-game preparations necessary to have these fun events.

So, if you’re interested in joining either team, shoot me a message! I’ll put together some private messages (because suspense is so much fun, as we’ve learned from the devs :wink: ) and the teams can start working on the first event. It’d also be great if some youtubers like @Squidgy could join in the conversation as I think this will be a nice showcase of both the game and community and publicizing such things can only help the game out :smiley: . So if you’re also a youtuber and would be interested in capturing any future events for us, please let me know!

Finally, if you have any interest in helping create these events or in participating in them, please fill out some times you’re generally available on the weekend to make scheduling easier. We need this information sooner rather than later since this game hosts players from all over the world.

For any questions about this venture, feel free to respond to this thread.

Thanks guys and looking forward to hearing from some of you!


I am hurt you forgot me and @Zouls :cry:


I think I joined in May, April was before my time. Sorry! I’d love to work with you both on getting some community events going though! There are some really great ideas on that thread!

I still really want god like powers…

I’m down for the organisation team, and I’m always looking for more stuff to have in my videos, so I’m down for that too!

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Boundless Olympics anybody?

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Thought about it ages ago. It’d be a nice way to get some hub guilds to cooperate and showcase a different one every 3 months or so.

Great minds, am I right?

I have a few people who have replied to be on the two teams, so thank you! Would love to have a few more join by the weekend and then I’ll send out the messages and we can get to work!

We’ve seen a lot of posts from people in these forums trying to find ways to explain why the game isn’t a minecraft clone despite both being voxel games. Getting together an event to show our robust community and shared passion for the game while showing off what’s already possible with a bit of creativity will be a great way for our community members to play their part in supporting the announcement of the game!

Be sure to send me a message if you’d like to help out!

It’d be nice to get some newer people on board too, so don’t be afraid to contact me if you have any interest in helping out with our first major in-game event! The organization team is a minimal time commitment and the building team is a great way to show off your stuff to a lot of different players and have it all captured on youtube by Squidgy!

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