The community counts

As much as these updates will drive the game forword, i feel like the community needs to come together and brainstorm ideas/ events within the game, i noticed a good bit of courses to play on that werent really advertised or showcased.

I think when the next big updates come, we really pull our forces and come up with a way to show other people how you can “enjoy playing oort online, not oort online show you how to play the game” yaknow? Make a nice community trailer, parkour races for cheap steam codes and a big stream where try to grab new players, yea? Whos in? :wink:


I’m all in for fun^^

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I’m in, just let me know! :smiley:

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When the winter steam sale arrives i will be buying games like

Crypt of the necrodancer

The binding of issac: rebirth/afterbirth



Games like ori and the blind forest, ahort atmospheric games

Bro force

(If i can afford them) two of these : mortal combat X / evolve / batman arkham knight / killing floor 2 / until dawn/ destiny

Probably will have some sort of milestone for anyone who either : buys the game OR plays the game with us.

How is us?

Anyone who buys the game and plays the game while im streaming i suppose, the us is refering to anyone playing oort at the time or is also streaming with me? Did i answer that right?

I’m not sure I get it right^^ Did you just list things you want to buy for yourself? Or are these games some kind of giveaway for people who play Oort with you?^^ And what are these milestones?^^

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Hmm basically i will start the stream with a couple of games before i start the main oort stream, i will have a milestone where when the number of people who have bought the game reaches certain points , i will raffle a game off, when the number of people playing oort reaches certian points, i will raffle a game off. If the max goal of both get reached, i will raffle off the more expensive games :wink: