Community Event: Exquisite Mansion

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A lot of time is spent on the forums petitioning the devs to give us something to do; but this is Boundless! We can make up our own fun things to do! So I’m hosting a community build event.

It’s called Exquisite Mansion. We are going to build a crazy mansion together, one room at a time.

I bought a few plots and created an entrance and a foyer to get things started. If you want to participate, what you need to do is buy one of the adjacent plots and build the next room. What room should you build? It doesn’t matter! Does the mansion need a courtyard? Sure! Does it need a bed of hot coals one room over? Probably. Does it need a second courtyard? That’s not very creative, but why not! I don’t know how mansions work. What are you, the mansion police?

Now – there’s no way to keep this from becoming pure chaos. But let’s try our best. Here’s some guidelines for your builds.

  1. Limit your room to no more than 2 plots in either direction. That means 1x1, 2x1, or 2x2 rooms. This keeps it easy for everyone to contribute.
  2. Don’t claim plots unless you intend to start building on them right away. This prevents the mansion from having holes in it.
  3. Be sure to leave at least one other exit in your room for adjacent plots to connect to. And don’t wall off anyone else’s doors.
  4. No portals inside the mansion, please. In this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics!

How do I get there?

Head to Gellis Prime, the capital of Gellis.
Then use this portal near the big christmas tree! There’s an arrow and everything to help you find it.

Tell your friends! I think we’re going to make a really good mansion.


Q: Are there prizes?
A: No. The prize was inside you this whole time. Maybe you’ll make some coin off the footfall, ya bean counter.

Q: What happens when the beacons start expiring?
A: The mansion will slowly vanish into the server logs. It’s a metaphor for life. If you want to remember this moment don’t forget to take a screenshot.

Q: Who are you?
A: I’m Fig in-game. I don’t wear pants. None of us do.

Last portal at Infocenter feeling sad

Wow! You might be my kinda people. Can we do 2 story rooms?


Sure! 2 story rooms is fine


This is an awesome way to get people involved. I may have to put my current project on hold and come build a room.


I’ll build a room. :smiley: Just gathering some items and I’ll work on it later today. :sunny:


A most exquisite pink room is being added to the east wing of the mansion :joy:


This waiting room is legitimately relaxing. I’ve been running to it when I need to afk!


Pretty sure this is last season’s winner of So You Think You Can Chisel


Hehe…sorry. I’m not a great builder…I try.


I meant it as a complement! I love the room


Damn you, i was just getting up to speed on building back home… I’ll have to drop a plot


Here is Gellis’ tireless Viceroy AnniXa adding some signage to make the mansion easier to find. Thank you!


its fun, must be fun go around this and see tons of differend styles next to each other :smiley:


I’m glad you like it. I’ve completed the loft area. :money_mouth_face:


The mansion now has a bottomless pit sobriety test!


Some interesting build ideas. A showcase for people’s talent :slight_smile:


What is going on here?! I am seeing random people come together and be creative and social. This game is normalizing from the fake “attainment model” and settling back into what it actually is. It took some time but I am sooo happy to see more user content like this popping up all of a sudden. Who knew that playing selfless could be so great!?

I will find some time to come add a room. :grin:


Not really my thing, but you get a like just for the funny post. It was very well written.


The mansion’s Pink Wing is capped off by this stylish balcony!


What lay beyond the bottomless pit room? This charming breezeway the whole family can enjoy!