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We’ve been asked about an official Oort Online wiki, here’s the answer…

tl;dr is the official Oort Online Wiki.

So now you know where it is, I’ll pre-empt your questions with answers :smile: Why not host our own? Wikis are essential for a game like Oort Online, but they’re for the community to build out, it’s not something we need to own or control. Why Curse Gamepedia? Gamepedia host the official wikis of many huge games, they’ve got a solid backend, scalability and moderation tools. They’re basically the industry standard of game wikis. :ok_hand:

Why not officialise one of the fan created wikis? They are great, and you can fill those out as well (we’re not asking anyone to take anything down) but when Oort Online has millions/billions/trillions of players we need to know the official wiki isn’t going to collapse under a load of traffic, close due to an exceedingly expensive hosting bill, or end up being sold to an ad company.

In short: is where you’re going to be able to get all of your crafting recipes going forward :wink:

Go forth and wiki.


u made some typo’s :wink:

I like the conzept of an official wiki and curse is a good platform. Good decision :slight_smile:

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If I may, why not roll the recipe list into the game itself? Other games have done so and it is a bit more immersive than alt-tab. Perhaps the recipes could come in the form of books or scrolls that would be drops or chest items. That still allows for your goal of discovery however it adds to the game by allowing players to gain the knowledge legitimately through progression in the game. Perhaps the recipes could be added to a book your character carries with them.

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Hah! Thanks, I do that a lot :wink:

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@karko Cool idea. The crafting system is designed to not require a wiki for 90% of the recipes, we don’t want players to have to rely on it. We also want that last 10% to be fun to discover (so I’m not sure we’d want to spell it out directly). But a reminder of how things are crafted could be cool.


I’m curious about the 90%. How do you envision this be achieved conceptually? Few items required, not many daisy chain crafts?

The 10% I totally get especially for rare/high end items.

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i already suggested you could make a journal where all of your discovered recipes go >.<


jepp, a journal or handy book with the layout of a organiser would do it well. just make it simple and intuitive :wink:

Drat! That’s a shame; I’ve been working on this Oort Wiki which has zero ads, and is a lot faster (for me at least). If anyone wants to take over and keep it in sync with the official wiki (I built a fair whack of that, too!) then let me know, otherwise I’ll take it down and let the official one bask in the Google juice. (edit: I’ve talked to @ben and taken it down - gonna focus on the official one)

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