Community Praise! 👍

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Gonna give a big shoutout to Portal Seekers for their never ending dedication to supplying me (and others I guess…) with a fantastic, always up-to-date portal network and a bunch of top tier buffs for me to leach (I do occasionally donate but still feel a leacher).
They are always quick to respond to requests or queries and just demonstrate a willingness to go that extra mile for the community, as a whole, not just their guild.

Also, @AeneaGames and @majorvex for setting up 2 great places for the community to get together and sell stuff etc …a lot of work and a fair amount (!) of drama to go through but still they keep going with passion and enthusiasm…an example to us all.

Thank you to them and all the many many others who contribute to the whole, us.

(this message brought to you by after-work beer :hugs:)


I have a few people I’d like to try to thank. First let me apologize for any typos in your names I am just going from memory and you know how that goes us Old-Timers lots of laughs.

First I would like to thank AHIR ( I am fairly positive that that is misspelled but I’m sure that person will recognize their name) for passing on some information on something important. That’s all I’m going to say on that.

Secondly to Aeana and her mates at Nova Govda on Trung. First for offering a great Market even better than their old one in new Leyden… second life for the many many deals that they offer in their Market. Thirdly for inviting folks into their Community to participate in their Market.

Another shout out to salt and his many comrades in Duskmoor. Truly one of the great cities of the game and their Market run by General Shogun is tops in my book.

Another shoutout to MajorVex and the Gyosha Mall.

I would also like to give a shout out to the leaders and members of the following guilds: Portal Seekers, Aquatopian, Ultima, Hubbit portals by Shire guild, and too many more to list.

And last but not least I would like to thank those many people who will go nameless that have helped in any way with the city of Axon on Biitula and to those that also call Axon home


Got another one - thank you bigtime to Gorillastomp and MajorVex for getting all the great exoworld info on here when they hit! :slight_smile: It is very useful and much appreciated, love being able to see them before I get on and play.


Huge thank you goes to MarkoPolo from me. I had the game a couple of weeks and one day decided to go to the Yellow square on my compass. He helped set me up with some plots in town. He helped me a lot, he gave me some aoe hammers (which at the time blew my mind), and he showed me how to mine correctly. Gave me advice on leveling and where to put my skill points. He always made time to answer my questions. Just all around is a great guy.
We have since then went our separate ways in the game, but I’ll always remember the kindness and patience he showed a noob.


This whole thread gives me the feelz.:heart::heart::nerd_face::+1:


I really want to thank everyone in the Golden Fist guild. Starting out as an apprentice there for forging and was just willing to help me and multiple people out, especially newbies. It’s fun making a home with everyone, and really does feel like a small town where we know most people there. Going on hunts, helping each other, building builds together. We all wear different hats and exchange them at times, but it’s definitely the people that make me want to stay and play the game even more!

@Tonezone @TameJames, @Renoko, @Honey713, @Benefactorist

I also want to shoutout to all the really cool random other people that I’ve chatted and met in game too. It just makes it feel like a real community. One of my favorite things is how excited people are to show me their builds! You can tell they put a lot of effort into them and should be proud because they look great and show a lot of their own quirks and personality.

@georgegroeg, @bucfanpaka, @wakeNbake, @NerArth, @MrNiX

I know I missed some people too because I can’t remember their in game names.


Why do half of these sound like acceptance speeches? Just thought about it haha.

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I’m honored to be on that list :blush: … thank you


You have the respect of people around you and make a point to be thought out but approachable. You’re willing to help people. I think those are admirable traits that make this community better in the long run.


I’d like to thank @DanBeforeTime @TENTHisle @BoaConstrictor @Combyte and @Stretchious for getting me into this wonderful game and the community of friends that we have built.

I consider you all good friends even though we have never met personally. Great times in this game and others that we play together.

@Janna55 @Peyago @Kal-El and several others have joined the close circle in our community of friends since ea and launch. Hope the fun continues and look forward to continued interactions with you all.

And I swear i’ll finish the totem build one of these years lol. (Bit of an inside joke there haha)


To keep it going… :slight_smile:

Thanks to @georgegroeg for digging me a really nice grave, and making me laugh! (Oh, and for the portal of course!) :sunglasses: It struck me what I need to do next - annoy a mob, kite it over to the grave, and let it kill me there. I don’t care about the exp hit, it would be worth it for that screenshot of my corpse in the grave. I wonder how long you stay there if you don’t choose to return home or to sanctum, as I think it would be funny too if I did that to leave myself there for someone to find…

Also, to all the folks over at TNT like @uni3k, a big thanks for the portal help and offers of assistance! I so much appreciate your place too!


Thank you for keeping this going!!! That means alot to me honestly. I’d like for this post to last a few months at least.

There is so much negativity in the outside world and many of us use this game, and our beautiful community, to withdraw ourselves from that negativity and escape into Boundless.

So I started this post to spread the feelings we get with the people around us inside the game, and bring more positivity to the forums. To let others know that their kind words or deeds never get left forgotten.

My next thank you, will be to all of you!!! The community! Sure we go head to head on the forums here from time to time, but even then, each and everyone of you really are amazing individuals!!! Truly, and sincerely.



Agreed so much, and I love this thread. :slight_smile: I know I have lots more I can still thank, too! And thank you, for creating this!

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Thank you! We’ve been really lucky everyone we’ve met/worked with at TNT has been really good peoples. Seems odd to me when people post about griefing and drama theyve had in game, as ive never seen it myself. As far as im concerned everyone in this community is great, and for vast majority of time, always really friendly and helpful towards eachother, and thats a huge part of what makes this game great.

Special mentions to my TNT fam of course. We all met through the game and have become close friends i talk to every day whether im playing or not.


And of course, the man who brought us all together, and possibly one of the most helpful and community minded people ive ever met, @MrNiX

Thanks bro!.. I wouldnt have written any of the above if it wasnt for you and bruce reaching out when we first met.


Darn it Uniek… you just made me happy… grrrr


Thanks mate

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Thanks!! We really like having you!

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I’d like to thank @the-moebius for giving me a second wind at enjoying this game with an Aquatopia invite and then a third wind with the farming village!


Let’s keep this going. :slight_smile: There is so much good here, and it deserves to be acknowledged!

I also want to add my thanks to @AeneaGames for being just an awesome shopkeeper! Really sort of got my footing in Boundless early on as with her great tools at really good prices, I was able to make a good profit and start building and doing more.

@majorvex deserves serious kudos and praise for her recent videos - her introduction for newcomers and fan-made trailer. These are GREAT things to share if you are in a position where you can reach out to others and let them know about Boundless!


Since how wonderful this community is was brought up in the property placement thread, I thought this was a good time for another bump… you all deserve a TON of it. :wink: As I’ve told I forget how many people just in the last few days, I am just so happy I bought Boundless - not only my ideal game on so many levels, but the people here are just the finest group. Some have already become true friends, many others still getting to know who are very cool folks who are generous and fun and funny to talk to! Boundless has given me some real happiness through some tough times. :slight_smile:

Today for specific thanks, there is someone missing here in this thread who deserves real praise - a generous person and extremely talented builder who I believe is a true positive force and pillar for our community: @Creegle - I am honored to call you my friend. :slight_smile: