Community Praise! 👍

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I like this thread. A wee shout out to those that love this game, seems like a fair deal. To @Janna55 and @AeneaGames I, too, find this to be my escape from illness. Pain and depression. When it gets tough I find being on Boundless to be that release that gives me a boost. My brother @cagian bought this for me as a birthday gift, best gift ever. My first shout out is to him - thanks , Brick. To all those Brick and I hunt with regularly, it’s good fun, the banter and chaos. :joy: I love it! @illuminawtyness You deserve praise for your enthusiasm for the Boundless community and game. In no time at all you have become a valuable member of Boundless and much liked by us all. But, the Devs, they deserve praise for bringing us this fantastic game. :heart_eyes:


I would like to thanks tons of ppl but those are mandatory for my praise:

for helping me set up Ultima City and the ultima network since day one (and during early access as well)

For Helping me with Ultima city and Eresho HQ Ultima network things all day long! + some awesome ideas and vast amounts of hours wasted on me :slight_smile: and the network and guild :slight_smile:

Thanks you all!! I deeply am grateful to u guys.

Second part below


For helping me with discord thingys :stuck_out_tongue: like bots:

For being good friends that can help when in dire crisis:
and many more which i dont know forum nicknames :confused:

Thanks you all!! I deeply am grateful to u guys.


Thank you all for remembering this thread we started months ago!!!

Soo many people to thank…

@darkartz for everything you have done for myself, the guild, the city, our discord,and the community! Your hard work never goes unappreciated

@Nytemara for everything you have done since the day I met you! I don’t know if you’ll read this cause we haven’t heard from you in months, but I still wanted you to know that you are still very cared for in our city, and we miss having your crazy a$$ around! Truly and sincerely.

@Greenheart for being one of THE most honest,real individuals I have met both in game and in life. Thank you!

@TheDetroiter for also being a very amazingly helpful individual in game! Heck, even for just being you! Thank you!

@bucfanpaka for keeping this thread going, and always keeping a positive attitude on the forums! You are an amazing example of how people really should act on here. With kindness, generosity, and caring. Thank you!

@AeneaGames and @Greenheart for making my son’s whole weekend by buying items from his stand. Because of malls, and centralized markets, his store doesn’t get any sales besides what I buy from him, being a little ways away from city center. Your generosity and kindness towards him gave me the heart sparkles! Thank you!


That is very kind of you to say. The honor is mine. I will have to say that this community means more to me than any I have been a part of. There is so much wisdom and intelligence in this forum from so many members. It is really hard for me to name names because I could literally say something positive about every person and how much you affect and enrich this community. We are all in this together and we are all passionate about the same things essentially. We all find the beauty here in this game and community and we all want more. We toil together, our bonds strengthen. We are united. The world outside gets crazy but here we have found a transcendent commonality. I am naming you all. You are why Boundless is beyond just a game.


Very, very well said… :slight_smile: I think this may be why so many of us just “click” with each other. We have a lot of like minds here, and this is our refuge from the craziness of the outside world. It feels like a family here, really.


Where is your son’s shop? What planet, city and if possible the coordinates.

And, what does he sell? I am having to buy some items that before I would have traded but don’t even have time to make pies any more except a few for personal usage, my shop is taking up a lot of my time and trying to gather mats for them.

Buying some items will be a help to me.


Huge sale going on there now!!!

Pheminorum, Duskmoor
Portals to Duskmoor are in just about every major city hub and in malls.
-1417N 609E alt 67

Under the giant hockey stick!

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Thank you!!! That truly means alot to him and I!


Thankyou so much @fyreblade79. Very kind words and I’m so glad to be apart of such an amazing community!

I’ll keep it going. @fyreblade79 @cagian are so kind with their coinland and gemland. That place really helped me out when starting the game, still to this day. Practically giving away items. You’re both toooo kind!

Also @jaceylive literally the most selfless person. Anyone that needs help he’s there. Also the daily hunts have helped me fuel portals since the start and Blingz’n’Thingz wouldn’t be where it is now if it wasn’t for that!

To be fair, this whole community is amazing! Literally the best of any game I’ve played! Having come from trove, it’s a breath of fresh air (if you’ve played trove you know exactly what I mean)

You’re all the best :heart:


Just the fact that we have this thread and it’s still being used speaks volumes about our community <3


Big praise and appreciation for @Mayumichi for the Forge Simulator and other wonderful contributions! :smiley: There are so many folks here who do such wonderful work to help the rest of us out!


All the shops stands are empty now. I saved the location to check back and see what your son restocks with :slightly_smiling_face:


I LOVE this post!

I would give a huge shout out to Gondor from HSE In Kindred Bay…( I don’t think he comes to the forum). When I was at my lowest and about to give up my guild, he convinced me to keep on going… I am so glad I listened. :blush:

I would also like to give a huge shout out to @JaceyLive for being there and lending my guild a hand. @jacey you are such a great asset to the community. :heartpulse:

Another shout out to Timoleon… he doesn’t join the forum, but he has been amazing at being the core of the infrastructure. And to Lorelei… thank you for being my friend and support… (I don’t think she comes to the forums either, but I swear, I am surrounded by the coolest, community minded, generous friends.

Also… all the iLLn members who wear the tag and make me proud to represent such a great community and game.

Last and not least! The devs… for giving us such a great game. Seriously… this game is amazing and I am so glad to be along on this journey. :nerd_face::+1:


This is one I hope people can add onto specifically - praise for people who’ve been wonderful Oortian citizens with the farming update, with their help of others via affordable or free goods or information (testing and such). Adding ones I’ve seen here or helping me personally. I love others to add on since I know I’m leaving a lot out here - the people in this community who are being so helpful and caring for others should be in the spotlight-



And you too should receive appreciation for your amazing help to the community @bucfanpaka. You’re always selling everything cheap in your store and always offering help to everyone


Thanks, appreciate it, and very happy to help, truly - I love getting to know you all and chatting and it gives me a great chance to! :slight_smile:


I love seeing this post still going!!! Didn’t think I’d actually get that positive of a response from Soo many people for Soo long!!

Thank you, to all of you!


Totally agree, @bucfanpaka @AeneaGames @majorvex and @Stretchious @Kal-El are ones I know well enough to feel I can name them. Others I can’t remember their names, or know them by other names.

Some here, such as @Sterbehilfe I’ve gotten to know a little and have enjoyed what chatting we had done; partly because of his son, he seems such a good kid and is lucky to have Sterbehilfe as his father who obviously cares so much for him. That says a lot of good about Sterbehilfe.

There are many more here on this forum that are great people and players who will help when someone is in a pickle, I am lousy at remembering names unless I see it mentioned here.


Oh boy …the eye vapors…thank you truly and sincerely!