Community Praise! 👍

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I think @Huntsman deserves some praise.

He gave me a bunch of exotic earthyam bulbs to get my farm established, and also gave me a tour of his various projects, which are going to be amazingly impressive when completed.

@illuminawtyness also deserves praise for adding a burst of enthusiasm to the community. The amount he’s done since joining the game has been awe inspiring.


You’re too kind brick!

You and morag (@fyreblade79) are both amazing! :heart:


i give some praise to @almund aqua would not exist without him :+1:


This is a HUUUUUUGE THANK YOU to @Lesioui and his hunters tonight!!!


Both Lesioui and I were running hunts at nearly the same time, his Sasquatchville hunt was a T4 on Delta Cancret. I was running the Duskmoor hunt on shedu tier.

It was my second official hunt I ever lead since very recently taking head role of Duskmoor guild and city. And there was only 7 of us total on that hunt. Was I nervous? Yup! even though I’ve been on tons and tons of hunts before. About a half hour into our hunt, around 30 people came pouring over A hill on shedu…it was ElSioui!!!

He had brought his WHOLE hunt over to surprise us on our little hunt! And it worked amazingly well!!! I smiled from ear to ear like a fool! Hahaha!

So after they showed up, our few hunters in Duskmoor voice chat popped over onto the Sasquatchville voice chat and joined them to help make the hunt run smoother. ElSioui let me continue taking the reigns for most of it, but as him and his crew were getting ready to call it a night, I returned to normalcy and he took over the last leg of their hunt with us. It went beautifully!

Seriously couldn’t have ended the weekend on a better note!

So, to those in ADULT, Sasquatchville, @Trundamere @LordBoogieBlue and everyone else on his hunt who participated in the surprise…


There are not words in the English language to express how amazing all of you made me feel! This post is the least I could do for all of you!


Ooh I love this post!!
I am thankful and grateful to ALL of the Boundless community and Dev team. Both past and present!! There are far too many of you to mention everyone, but you all are fabulous in your own way!!

Special thanks to:

Draal - For giving me access to Trollmarket, and giving me a big helping hand at the beginning.
@RogueSynapse - For giving me my first Aoe hammer and teaching me to mine. For convincing Sem to take a chance on me and introducing me to the awesome time that was PURE! For being my friend first in game then irl even after you quit like ■■■■■■!! :wink:
@Hashmalash and @Simoyd - for always being reasonable and respectful leaders of both their guilds and the community as whole. For the services both guilds provide to the whole community. Always a pleasure dealing with either of you!
@Jiivita - I have never met you in game or had a conversation but like sooo many who have played this game I value your contribution to the community!!
DanBadTouch - For being his crazy self and entertaining us all on hunts!

Everyone who ever came along on one of my hunts! Thankyou from the bottom of my heart. Huntleading would not be a thing if the community didnt come along. :green_heart:

@Salt, @darkartz, @Nytemara,@Dexx666, @Sterbehilfe and @GeneralShogun - For welcoming me with open arms to Duskmoor! You guys all made my transition wonderful. You rock!! I have never felt more at home than with you truly amazing and beautiful people.


Thankyou to the following people for their wonderful contributions to the community, you do not go unappreciated!!
@Tamelcoe - For his big contributions to the community, in particular his forging of cheap tools, weapons for beginners. For the organising of community events. For sticking with me since forever! For teaching me to forge. For hanging out in discord and being my friend!!
@Sterbehilfe - for this post! :grin: For being so happy, helpful and positive ALL the time both in game and on the forums. For your gorgeous genuine heart!! And for being my friend.
@Pfiffel - For your endless and amazing knowledge and numbers! You have done many charts/spreadsheets that help the whole community! For your tower building on hunts, they wouldnt be the same without you. For being a helpful friendly member of the community and a nice person. And for being my friend.
@Undead and @LordBoogieBlue - You are both everywhere and nowhere at the same time! Both friendly helpful well known members of the community. Thought you both deserved a mention.
@BetaBoB - for the spectacular All Block Shop, still a builders best friend in the game!! Also for being a cool guy!
@TheDetroiter, @HelloGoldfish and @Dexx666 - For being an awesome part of the Duskmoor family! For your friendly helpful terrific community spirits. And for being my friends.


For letting me skip right over that gem wall. I’ve been able to play exactly how I like (just building and exploring) thanks to his gift of coils and hammers.


@Greenheart thank yo for those kind words ! :slight_smile:

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You are very welcome! You are pretty awesome yourself!
-Crissy from Adult

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Awe you’re words are too kind @Greenheart.

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I’m on the forums everyday and read just about every topic. Of all of those threads, those comments, and through all of the bickering, there is one person on here that has always stood out to me with their generosity, honesty, huge heart, and positivity!

@bucfanpaka that’s you!

I know we’ve never talked on here or in game, but your positivity and kindness has always stood out to me, and I enjoy reading all of your posts.

Thank you for keeping the forums smiling!


Thank you so much - you really made my day, seriously!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And ditto for you, you are so positive and kind as well - love this thread so much!! And you all here as well, this is just such a great community!


I’m sorry I can’t name people but there are so many generous people here from my “guild members” to “hunting members” to “forum members” that I would like to thank for making me feel so welcome in the 5 months I have been playing the game.

That’s what I love about the game the positive people who make it great you know who you all are and I’m glad I have met some of you in game.

Let’s all carry on the lovely community we have.

Love to all

Fiesty :kissing_heart:


This one goes out to @Orrian and @Taleyah for letting me use their platforms for my hunts on shedu tier! Not only that, but they stopped what they were doing and got me set up to use their platforms right away!!! Truly amazing individuals!!!

Again, thank both of you Soo much!!!


By now, I’m sure all of you have found out what happened to our beautiful city. I was at work while it was all happening and felt helpless…

So I’m writing this to ALL of you! The feedback we got from SOOOOO many of you during, and after what happened was very heart warming!!

There were many of you who joined our discord just to offer your help in building, gathering, and in donations. And many of you who have been on our discord but haven’t been around in a while showed back up to offer the same thing!! And cant ever forget the huuuuge help we got from James and alexxchristo in our voice chat that night!

While reading those messages from you, before I was even home, you all gave me a case of the eye vapors! True story! And your continued support throughout this weekend has been simply amazing!

Never in my many years of gaming have I witnessed a community come together so well to help out someone or a group of individuals so diligently and with so much heart than I witnessed Friday night!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a hundred times more:


From all of us in Phoenix Rising… THANK YOU!!!


I dropped some stuff off at your baskets. Hope you get your city back up and running. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hahaha selling tickets are we.


A big thanks to @georgegroeg for the beautiful portal tree he built for my settlement! :smiley: Incredibly talented builder who is a wonderful asset to the Boundless community! (And helps keeps the Oortian population in check by burning a number of us up in lava… :flushed: :wink: )


Hahaha. :slight_smile: Awe shucks. Thanks.
But seriously my head doesn’t need to get any bigger. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::beers:

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Hope the donations help!! God Bless!!!

Though all of this was caused by a pair of salty actors, it is VERY ENCOURAGING to see how so many of us from so many extreme corners of the universe have come together to Help and Support our friends in Phoenix Rising !!! God Bless!

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