Community Praise! 👍

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I’m starting this infinite thread as a way to say “thank you” to a person, group of people, or anybody in game for something they did. Whether its giving you a hammer, checking your beacon, or even helping on your build.

I’ll start:

I want to send a huge Thank you to @anon71091601 for everything he has done for me in game! Giving me wanted plots, free tools, and the biggest one; being one heck of a great guy helping me out on discord voice chat! That’s only a few of the many things.


If I had to, I’d say thanks to @Lawrizze for everything so far. Good friend and neighbor in beta. Good friend now. We share much of the game experience and we play together a looot, to mention some things. He’s painfully annoying and an awesome guy. Don’t ask how :joy:

It obviously goes without saying that many, many people have been awesome to me in this game that mentioning them all here would be impractical. It’s just that i play with Law almost every day hence why he immediately came to my mind.


There have been so many great, friendly, helpful people… I could make a huge list of this. But there is one person I could never thank enough: @Janna55 - a great building partner and, more importantly, friend. :slight_smile:


I agree with both of you. There are sooo many AMAZING community members that its hard to pick just one. Heck, its hard to pick just 10 people even!

Definitely won’t ever forget the person who gave me a diamond aoe hammer for a measly 10 wildstock eyes. You know who you are. :wink: thank you!!!


I can say the same for @bucfanpaka, she and I have become not just BL friends in the game but I feel that in real life we are also friends. We have shared in the funny events, our frustrations in real life, game wise and clicked in the things we like in the game and in working on a fun project for her settlement.

It has been a joint adventure with us adding our own touches that blend in I think quite well together. Can’t wait till it is ready for her to announce that it is complete and let anyone who wants to come and enjoy the fun builds we have worked on.


For me its @the-moebius recently.
Guy always doing something that baffles me “why i didnt think of that”.

Also he speaks truthfully if your build sucks donkeyballs… he says it.


I haven’t forgot about you @Buugi. Yet another amazing man to praise! Before we knew who he was, he swooped into Duskmoor and picked up a handful of expired beacons inside our borders At first, we panicked cause we didn’t know who this guy was. Long story short…

…Buugi here picked them up so no jack*** would take them. Then he made signs on the plots for us to contact him. Got those plots back for the town easier than you would believe possible!!

Thank you yet again!


Reading these has had me think of several players who I think of as maybe not a close friend, but someone I care for, respect, admire and enjoy chatting with them.
Some we click with, such as @bucfanpaka and I, we have just clicked and chat a lot about family, pets, life and more besides the game.

@AeneaGames is someone I have a Lot of respect for, she is a very special person that I think of as a friend, not close, but a friend and we have in common some health issues (different types but serious that affect our functions in life) and this game has helped us both to deal with them, to escape from the pain, the stress and the worries for a period of time. I have sought her guidance in some areas and she has always been very helpful.
There are some members of the guild that I feel a connection to, I don’t know if friend is the right word, we don’t play together, life gets in the way and some are into building and I am more into gathering, cooking. But I know that if I need help they would be there for me. Some use different names in the guild than they do here.
One that I watched play BL when I went to buy it and had me really wanting to play it was @DonBab and I see him as a friend who has always been willing to answer questions when I am confused about things. He has a life, job, family, several kids and records videos of him and sometimes one of them with one of his kids, Dad and Dax plays games is the name of his series for BL, Empyrion, 7 days and other games that he records. If you know someone who is interested, have them watch his Noober series where he starts as a total new player and shows how to do a lot of the things new players need to learn, he has in the last couple episodes done some forging and is now mining.

To many others who I have met here and feel a connection to, not friend, but not a casual acquaintance but not strong enough to be seen as friends either. Hope that makes sense.

Good thread, great to see a chance to say and read good about others.


This is so important that it bears repeating I think. Sometimes there are things broken in life that we can’t really fix… but sometimes we can escape from them for a bit. For some, games may even be the only window to interaction with the world - although as I’ve said before, we have to put life first and know when to step away, and not take things in a game too seriously (hence some of my silliness in games!), at the same time, it isn’t “just a game,” it can be so much more. Games that I can truly escape into like Boundless help me more than anything at times. I can’t run away from or fix some things, but escapism is an armor that protects me from some of the hurt. And now I have a game where I have not just that, but also someone to listen to me… thank you again so much, Janna! :slight_smile:

And thank you everyone for being the great folks you are! :sunglasses:

Edit: I obviously left out a big one here: A HUGE thank you to the dev team for creating this escape for us!! :smiley: Your work is SO much appreciated. For some of us, your work helps us deal with our realities best of anything!


@anon69675157 for greatly helping me out while I was a noob, and still inspiring and building spectacular things in my settlement now. For all the forged gear and tips, building mats and everything else! An absolute legend from one hermit to another :rofl:

Ohhh and for the squirtle sculpture. My favourite thing I’ve seen ANYWHERE in the boundless universe!! :heart_eyes: Can’t wait for our big reveal eventually :smiley:


Thanks @Janna55 for the kind words. Really enjoy the interaction in the video comments, on the forums, and in our guild chat.


@wakeNbake Thank you for all the advice you gave me when I was just some random guy starting out. You have given me your time, free tool hand outs and a bunch of reasons to keep playing this game. It has made a huge difference! yeah the boys & T-DuB <3


Agree wholeheartedly with @bucfanpaka and others on a Great Big Thank You to the Devs. This game isn’t perfect, it has a long way to go and I am trusting that it will get better as time goes by.

In the meantime, it has been a blessing for me in the area of escaping from the pain I am in most of the time. Just saw the doctor, in the last three months I have lost 25 lbs due to not being able to eat because I have been in so much pain. The discussion of a some type of treatment to block the pain nerves that will last for approx. 6 months, maybe more.
I’m all for that, but in the meantime, I can play and block the pain until it reaches the high level where I can’t block it, and that is my big thank you to the devs for. I don’t know if they think of that when devs start to work on a game, there will be people we can help escape from the stresses of life, that can use the game to help ignore pain, to even save marriages, talked with a couple who were on the verge of divorce and in playing a game together they were able to reconnect and now are even happier in their marriage.

I don’t know if that has happened in this game for someone, but it could have and it can. Games can provide more than just fun times, it can have a huge impact of a person’s life in many other areas.


I’d like to thank the dark lord Beelzebub for his great generosity. All I had to give was my soul and the souls of all that navigate the reapers trials. In return I received unworldly creativity and a rapiers wit. So to that I would like to thank myself you are amazing. :pray: That’s not a praying emoji it’s me high fiving myself. Im sure there’s a few others out there I forgot. But hey no ones perfect. Lol.


So many great folks this might take me awhile.

Toast - This guy taught me so much about the game and building that I may never leave this game just to preserve ALL his builds. Great Guy and player who I deeply miss.

Krasniy and Demon Dog because I see and talk to them daily and enjoy the game with them as players and friends.

Stupify great guy and my forge apprentice whos probably better than me now lol.

Morey /Raina great couple and friends and lets not forget Bob/Ratchel wonderful as well

Aenea well because shes just awesome and shes been through a lot but always rises above and beyond shes my lil phoenix lol

Mr NIx - Because he has the coolest outposts and hes a nice guy too.

Orrian and Taleyah great builds and foresight (really all the folks at Icon) good people!

I dont know the folks in Hubbit Network but ty for the Portals and keeping them going much appreciation to you guys.

Ok feels strange writing this but still its true TY PS for the portals as well most are truly works of art! Thanks Simoyd for being so cool and collected. Ty Tagris especially for helping to resolve the “Trung” incident and ty Fallon and Ark for coming to the table and being reasonable. Glad we could all move forward. But Yeah PS thanks all of you.

Jiivita - I would have never bought this game if not for you I love all your videos and hope the Devs take care of you because I’m sure I’m not the only person you convinced to buy this game.

Salvatory- Another person I watched admired and genuinely liked. (miss you if you ever read this)

Munkeylord - great guy and highly motivated (friend)

Doom and Bloodking - Craziest yet absolute great ppl to discord with in any game by far, my face actually would hurt from laughing so much!

If I missed anyone I can always edit if youre salty lol.


Shoutout to Lotus for hooking my guild up with coils early, and Lesioui for getting us involved in the sasquatchville hunts!


if we all doing it thxs to @wischl @almund @EdWe @Touch122 @Lawrizze @Xaldafax @Lesioui hm thats last week so also thank you to everybody else
even the trolls and dev’s


What happened to Salvatory? Havent seen him in like a month

I’d like to shout out to @Pippyfist. First person I met in game. First to give me a leg up that helped me build my place in our world. @Greenheart for being the amazing hunt leader she is and secretly addicting me to hunting. And @Salt for his awesome leadership skills and generosity in promoting our amazing city and community.


Thank you everyone for responding and keeping this positive post near the top of the forum list for others to see and reply!!!