Compact Oortshards


I just leave that here :sweat_smile:


great for building as well :sunglasses::heart_eyes:


Yeah, forgot showing off wealth through a ton of gem blocks… A tower of compact oort would surely be a sign you’re a member of the 1%


For building we will have decorative forms of specials :heart_eyes:

Steam trailer

Gem blocks are out of fashion. It’s oortstone blocks time! :sunglasses:


Both of those look great! @Okkelinor


use any type of oort blocks for walls/floors/roof and your building turns into warping machine


Charge cab fair then. :smiley:


This second one is best imo!







Best OORT sink ever would be to build with them! Have an animated swirling purple smoke with the block.


Maybe instead of Compact Oort, the larger the portal, the more Oort Shards it can hold. This way big portals, that burn through shards quickly can be fueled for a while.


How about both?


Redesign so you have smaller portal jumps or fewer large portals.

The history here from the devs has always been that keeping portals open is supposed to not be easy. We have done circles around this discussion and the devs are right. Portals require server connections and affect the game play in various ways. It should stay in a mode that requires work to keep open. We are lucky they are as easy as they are now to keep open - it could be much worse.

Personally I don’t think we should not allow compact Oort or anything that increases the time portals stay open. The design we have now works and is balanced decently. Portals should require work to keep open especially considering the huge benefits the person gains from keeping it open and running a network.

If we would allow compact Oort that would extend the time then it needs to come at a huge cost of like shards to create a more powerful compact shard or something requiring people to put other effort into the game to ensure that the overall effort stays the same.


I don’t mind put more effort to the compact shards to be honest.
Also i am not talking about 4 weeks or 6 weeks for large portals.
Should be at least remain 1.5 - 2 weeks…
I mean people get job in real life, or sometimes they travel to other place for longer than 3 days.


Good points here and def something my mind never went to, can we at least get it for design then to show off! (They could also put in a way to convert it back)


Sorry, I meant people need to redesign their portal connections so it is small portals that last longer. If they need to step away and cannot fuel it for a while then either let it close or get a friend to fuel it for them.

It isn’t the requirement of the devs to make minimal touch solutions when the current portal setup and the distance between planets was put in the game for a reason because portals should not be able to remain open for long unless they are managed and worked on.

People gain huge benefit from running a network and keeping a portal open… so that comes at a cost on many levels.


True, but something as simple as a “bag size” on a portal should be a moderately simple fix. Easiest fix would be no bag at all, just a shard counter. I don’t own huge portals, never will. But this would be a major quality of life improvement for those that do.



I knew they looked familiar! It was in the launch date trailer this whole time! :scream: