Compact Oortshards


I do feel a lot of pain when i need to fuel those huge portal daily.
Is that possible to add compact oortshards to the game ?
So we can grind / buy more shards and compact it to the fuel can hold up for longer term.

Right now for some huge portals we have to fuel it like every 3-4 days.
Or create some advance portal fuel like the beacon one which can provide longer term base on the fuel level.


It’s a work in progress, may or may not end up being compact fuel.


Where did you get this info from?


We need this like cuttletrunks need air


Don’t have the link, but we’ve thrown the idea of compact oort shards around a few times. It’s a great idea! The devs didn’t say what the plan was yet, or when it may happen but that it was a good idea.


I hope they’re working on the block texture :heart_eyes:
I hope it’s seamless and animated!


It’s in the portal cost thread. It’s not confirmed get actually implemented, though.


Currently, it does kinda feel like opening and maintaining portals should be left to the biiiig players like those belonging to the Portal Seekers, world hubs and such. If I could compact oortshards, I’d tend to think differently.
+1 vote!


Portals are not hard to keep up. If you go on a few meteor hunts a week, you can easily maintain several portals.


If you’re going on hunts every week, sure, portals aren’t hard to maintain.

Not everyone does.

This doesn’t mean that portals need to be easier or harder. Compact Oort is still a good idea cause it’s one more item in the game.


yesssssss compact oort plz


Compact Oort, or at least 2 Smart stack slots


As long as the material conversion is 1:1 ratio, I think it would be cool. I believe they want portals to decay when not actively used for the sake of server health, but I dunno.


I am not talking about portal cost here.
I just don’t want to fuel it daily or every 3- 4 days.
Some large portals 900 shards (max input) can only remain 3-4 days.

This why i mention compact oortshards, so we can store more shards input to the portal.
In case we have something to do in real life.


Yes please!

Compact oortshared soild be awesome, please let it emit a purple glow like gleam and either slide or sticky (slowing)

Would be cool to not just use as portal fuel but builds :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL umm no, that would completely defeat the purpose.
Unless you mean converting raw oortstone directly to compacted…
But you’re going to have to turn them into shards first before compacting anyway…


Oh sorry, I meant 1 shard:1 unit duration, not something like adding 36 shards to get 50 units of duration from a compact item. Like… 9 shards = 9 hours = 1 compact, so the compact stacks more but we’re not getting a reduced oort value by machining it


I get ya… my Finata portal is like that and it’s a constant upkeep for sure. I think compacted Oort should be a thing as well. It’s a great idea. I’m wondering if the devs intention is more from a “give them something to grind for”. The constant upkeep gives us a purpose. Also, when portals shut down by mistake it’s irritating for sure, but it also opens up the player driven challenges of figuring out how to get someplace… I guess my point is I can just see a myriad of reasons why we don’t have it… if that makes sense.


I personally have different opinion in this part.
People have demand for compact shards mostly they don’t have trouble for enough shards in stock.
So, if we only check the result part, its same thing as current patch.
I really don’t feel that forcing us to check portals every 3 - 4 days count as challenge…
I mean it just open the UI and right click your shards…

I am asking same amount of shards cost / day, but remain much longer.
This why i didn’t ask them to reduce the portal cost instead i am asking the compact shards blocks ( like the compact coals).


It would be nice to be able to take a week’s vacation in real life … without all your largest portals closing.