[COMPETITION] Storis II Welcome Center - Oort Walk, Oortian History

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The Storis II Welcome Center and Nocturne Guild are proud to present:

Oort Walk - Oortian History

Hey Oortians! Help us tell the history of Oort. We are looking for amazing sculptures to help decorate the new Oort Walk District. Located in Lacuna on Storis II. Maybe build the totem that was wielded by a legendary Titan to travel from planet to planet wreaking havoc on our Great Cities! Or the bust of a famous Oortian Princess who defeated an Elemental meteor using only a power fist! What about a sculpture of the miner who harvested the very last Oort Seam from the now lost T7 Oort Exo planets! What would a Titan Cuttletrunk look like? Or maybe the Egg that it hatched from? Show us some great sculptures in the Storis II Welcome Centers - Oort Walk, Oortian History.

Prizes .

Grand Prize: 1 Million Coin

2nd place and 3rd Place. Forged Gear from Q-Mart!!!

*All official Contestants will receive goodies for entering.

Rules :

  • All plots will remain owned by Nocturne Guild and Shared with the contestants from the time of September 1 2020 to Sept 30 2020. (We are wanting to keep the amazing sculptures after the contest for people to visit)
  • All contestants will be allotted 27 plots in a 3x3x3 pattern
  • minimum prestige will be 10000

How to enter :

  • Contact Leper or Quazel for plot assignment. To give share rights to those plots.
  • Space is limited. So let us know before August 31 2020

imma go make my good ol wildstock statue but less color to make it look more ancient


a titan wildstock. a huge wildstock that defeats on sight.

Edit: Maybe a statue of an old species. an ancestor of the modern Wildstocks. It’s kinda commonly found on serp. i even found a full skeleton on Gyosha

I kinda want plots but im out. tell if you are in

I can create my own lore, right?

i know its not oort history but i still remember some gleamiverse history before the whole riding the gleambow to the oortiverse scenario if you want me to do some lore on that

I just want to see people be creative. Build a sculpture. Maybe even make up a story to go along with your sculptures. The theme is history, I don’t care if it is factual, made up or otherwise. This will be a fun event. A visual feast with so many sculptures spread around a park like setting. The area has multiple viewing angles, roads and platforms. Check it out, put some ideas together. Portal access from the Storis II Welcome Center, and the Guardian Network - US West (as well as others)
Hope to see you there!

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ill be sure to drop a gleambow and some lore from my old universe then!

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I look forward to seeing what the community can come up with! Especially as this is right in front of my doorstep.

2nd and 3rd place prizes will be a Perfect Lucent Grapple!
Max Range
Max Durability
Max reel speed
No defects / quirks

Sculptures and designs can be anything that you relate to Oort history. Since we have no official history, that pretty much means you can build what you want, and Call it history!

We have some great judges for this as well! Developers and several major Guild Leaders. So get noticed, and show off your chiseling skills!

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I hope people will put up signs with a small blurb about the history and subject of the statue they’ve created. This is a very cool event.


Second Place

Third Place

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Just 2 more days until the contest starts. Still lots of spots available. Come make some sculptures!!! Show off your creativity <3

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If you don’t have any plots available and are wanting to enter in the contest. That is not an issue. The 27 plots ARE provided to each contestant. If you are interested, come see me in game (Leper / Leperous) on Storis II. Or see Quazel on Storis II. We also both have shops in the DK Mall with mailboxes if you wish to message us that way. There are prizes for every contestant who enters and reaches the minimum prestige.

Sculptures have been started. Still a few spots available, if you are interested. We are ready to share plots with you!

This has been extended to October 31 to give time for everyone to get the sovereign update excitement out of their systems. Message me if you are interested in building anything. I can assign you plots to share to you !

Bump - Spots still available!