Competition Time - Share Some Love - 200K + 100k

Hey everyone,

Its time to spread some Love to the boundless world, Love (Love - Looking for new members - Will help out new players and old :-)) needs to start living up to its name so i thought i would run a Heart Building Competition.

The idea is to Build a Heart, anywhere in Love and the winning heart will get 200k, and 100k for the runner up. I can provide plots if needed, and help out with materials. The heart can be made of anything and in any style (black hearts, metal hearts, 2D heart), and will be judged by Love Guild.

Im going to leave this open until March, as gives everyone a chance to build.

You can get to love by visiting Sochaltin I through the Ultima network.

Hopefully we get some interest…


Sounds like a A Competition for @Greenheart


Awesome innitiative, good way to bring people to build and the build to the people!

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So far only one contestant, anyone else out there got some time for another build?

This sounds fabulous! I would love to participate in this competition! Count me in :green_heart::grin:


Do you want me to plot for you, or unplot an area, can meet you in game…

Do you have discord?
Greenheart #6894


Oh yes, indeed a perfect Competition to make a super nice green heart @Greenheart :slight_smile:

Hmm, making a heart could be interesting.
Need to think about :wink:


I have decided to participate in this competition, got my heart built already. You can see it directly in front of you as you come out of the portal from Ultima. Thought that it could be a suitable location for it.

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Thanks for joining in, your the first to build so far, so we have three contestants so far, anyone else want to share some Love?

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Some great entries so far, and there is still plenty of time for more to join!!!


It sounds great!! I’m in!!! Is there any specific place to build?

Anywhere around the hub is ok, if you want me to unplot some (have done for protection) then you will need to catch me in game. (discord is good for this). Im on now.

Hello Samski, my discord is Dubbanz#8563. Ty!

Its coming up to that time again, Show someone some Love this valentines by building them a heart, and winning them some coin! competition closes at the beginning of march. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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That’s my obnoxious pink gleam heart :smiley: I wanted to use a darker red gleam for the rim but alas they are all exo and coins…

It’s got a secret core of treasure, if you care to open it.

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