[COMPLETE] Besevrona offline - devs aware and investigating


UPDATE 26/04: Besrevona is back online as of the hotfix we just released. Apologies for the outage folks, thanks for bearing with us while we handled this.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Besevrona will be down for a little longer than we thought. We are anticipating at least a 24 hour outage for the world - thanks for your patience everyone, we will keep you posted.

We are looking into reports that Besevrona is currently offline - we should have it back up and running very soon!


Any eta it has been an hour.


I am being mean

Soon :tm:


don’t worry… I #BlameJeff


man I literally just woke up.
I used my Jedi dream crash trick.

your welcome :kissing_cat:


of course this is Jeff’s fault. So is the fact that traffic was bad on the way into work this morning.



The whole planet went through the Chrysominter - and
now its coins on @SamF account :sunglasses:


so the entire planet was worth 1.37 coin!!!


Please save my home land.

Feels like I lost my house keys.


Nope that was the first thing we fed into the coin machine, because we were jealous. :laughing:


I had James turn the whole planet into the Locked Door sorry. Come back Friday 7pm Est


Besevrona - The First Private Planet???


You dont even want to know how many cubits I purchased.


Guild members have access before that right!


Of course. Secret portal in the lake at Iconicsberg.


Updated OP - but unfortunately we are anticipating some extended downtime here. Early estimate is at least 24 hours, but we will keep you all posted with any developments. Apologies to all those affected!


:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: guess no mining today


I knew it;
said so earlier;
it went through the coiner machine: grinning:

But no worries - they will fix it in time :+1:


I guess someone put too many coils on the chrysominter :boom:


So if I place 40 coils on the machine and then hit the enter key it erases the entire planet!!

Who knew