Complete Buying Weary Yellow Gleam #187 9c/each Exo Neftal !INCREASED PRICE!

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Buying Weary Yellow Gleam 9c/each

260k coin up for grabs!

2 request baskets located at TNT Gyosha Planet hub.

Planet info:

Gleam location between 40-50 gleam per regen:

Tokens available

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Thanks everyone who brought some so far :kissing_heart:

Increased buying price to 9c each! Come fill these baskets before the planet is gone!

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Thank you everyone that brought gleam buy for us. Still one request basket with 105k in it if anyone has some left to sell.

Hey Bob, what do you want so much gleam for, if I might ask? I still have a couple of SS that I wanted to hoard…

To hoard lol I’m a collector

Its also so I can steal it from him in the middle of the night :smiling_imp:

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