[COMPLETE] Forum Downtime from 1030BST / 0930UTC

Short forum downtime whilst be upgrade the forum software.


You’re telling me i’ll actually have to do my job while I’m at work? :frowning:



Don’t you guys want to take something else down for an update too? Even if on testing :joy:.


Got the app!

Xed out the internet…

Forum software update has now competed


Still no locale settings to be found.

I’ve enabled the “Allow users to choose their own language interface preference” now


Absolutely wonderful, Thank you. I prefer my UI in German when it can be done.

With the new stylesheet I can fit up to 3 one-line messages on my 1080p desktop monitor. That level of information density approaches the limit of usefulness. Is there any way to choose different theme?

Now i wont be distracted by boundless only in game or through a browser but also while randomly scrolling in my phone. Thank you.


We can also mute people now. Don’t think that was there before

Nah that was there before. Tho maybe just easier to notice now. Tho maybe it was just ignore. Now I can’t remember. Tho essentially it’s the same thing

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What are you seeing?
Whilst the default styling is a bit flabby for my liking as well - it’s not this bad.

Have you changed the zoom level for the site? ctrl+0 or action+0 might fix this.

If not - please share a screenshot.

That’s not the update I was looking for. :grin:


Oh, I just saw this, and it explains the…change…which to me feels bulky, ugly, and space wasting :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what I see. It’s the space/buffer areas between the lines which pads it out too much for my (personal) liking. I can’t quite get enough on for a quick glance :stuck_out_tongue:
Even with setting the page zoom to lower all it does is move everything in the middle, obviously making it smaller, but making use of even less space on the screen/window :\

My gosh, this new Discourse basic theme is so ugly… Why EVERY good product must change it’s design to some modern mess which is completely undreadable. God save discord and slack

Stylebot ftw! :smiley:

I do love the dark theme in discord though

What changes did you make?

The site uses the default Discourse styling - it’s not something we specifically selected.

There are many options for customising the CSS.

I dunno.
It’s a forum. With posts and replies. Looks & works fine.
I don’t see anything wretched :woman_shrugging:


@james … this will close up the spacing between the topics in the main listings…

.topic-list th, .topic-list td {
    padding: 5px;
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