COMPLETE - Guild Buffs, Global Messaging, and Sanctum Editor for PC inbound


Thanks for the back handed compliment.


Lol, I noticed that too, haha


Take it how you like. I purchased a game on the PS4 that I thought was a fully featured game. Yet I’ve stuck around, purchased gleam club, as well as a few pc copies.

I’m anxious for the day you guys have released the game I thought I had originally purchased.

To clarify, it wasn’t a back handed compliment but if that is how you want to interpret it then fine. Im quite happy with how the updates have rolled out as of late and I wish half of them had been in when I purchased the game. You guys don’t get to have it both ways. You released a product that was not as advertised. You can stomach the upset some of us have from that or complain when you don’t like what we say.


No, it would be disgusting since Sony does have restrictions on certain things but any and all feature they want to add they can code in such a way that it would not bother Sony. So if they decide to not do it like that IT SURE AS HECK would be a terrible thing and not something that is going to be ‘understandable’.

How much outcry do many PC players go thru when they have the slightest inkling a console is ‘holding back’ a game? Even when it’s not the case at all.

But James just said they are going for feature parity and that this is more an extended testing thing which will eventually end up in a different way on PS4…

So I’m not worried. I do however find it severely odd that PC players feel that it would be ok if there was no parity!!


Good stuff. Keep them coming. Also my altar is ready for exo planet.


good stuff but can you make the maintenance message go away? I dont need to know every 3 minutes for 5 minutes that there’s a maintenance. Can’t you just let us acknowledge and make the message go away like every other mmo I’ve ever played? Same with that skill points message. This game makes us store up skill points why am I being alerted if I have some to spend then it stays on the screen forever?? It takes 3 levels to get 5 points. Please make that message acknowledge-able too. Thanks


Not true. I played Final Fantasy XIV on pc while my husband played on PS4 right next to each other and we could always do the same things. HUD menu, hot key mapping, everything. It just “looked” different, bc controller vs keyboard.

Very excellent equality there. If it wasn’t for the monthly fee and forced group dungeons I’d still be playing.


i still play 14. its one of those games I come back to. I’m getting grief from my 14 friends for playing this actually lol


The testing really helps the dev out and makes updates less buggy


Me and @dave just doing some last minute checks on the servers before opening them up

How about a hint then?
Pondering about the Gleambow Racing Event

What kind of campfire is that. Or is that just insanely perfect timing of it igniting


Just waiting for the servers to be online again.

Is there some kind of list of the server status?


We are just coming back online now folks - will edit the OP to reflect this, Just hit the patch notes live over here;


Everything that was added since the PlayStation release was either QoL (Quality of Life) changes or nice-to-have features. What was missing for you 4 months ago?

What is the game you thought you purchased and how is it different to what we have now?
I found Boundless immensely enjoyable when I got it on PS4 and still do now. Instead of just watching TV, my wife and I spend 5-6 evenings every week just in Boundless together. Hell, we bought a second PS4 after suffering through a month of alternating evenings on the game.

This is a community driven online-only game. Are you sure your expectations are where they should be?
Small studios like Wonderstruck are crazy committed to their communities through healthy communication and rapid innovation. I actually think Boundless is a beacon of light in an otherwise mostly bleak gaming industry.

Again, what is not as advertised?
To be fully honest, I didn’t even see any advertising for Boundless. It mostly released ‘under the radar’. I got it due to friends’ recommendations and as a game I could play together with my wife. We both love it immensely.


Thanks for that breakdown. It caused me to joke about it with my wife. She asked if this was the same game that crashed on an hourly basis. I said ‘yea’. She asked if it was the same game that has managed to not grow in a 5 month time span. I said ‘yea’. Was it the same game that the kids quit playing to go back to Minecraft because ‘more things to do and more things could be done when they had the time to play’. ‘Yep’ I told her.

She then pointed out to me that I’ve already been extremely patient given I don’t play too many video games any more these days. She asked why I am still playing or sticking around waiting when that’s not normally something I do. I realized that was absolutely true.

So thank you @GritBreather. You’ve pointed out some good things. Those QoL additions should have been core game play. It should have been telling enough I never heard of the game outside the PS4 launch trailer. I’ve listed my gripes in all my posts. Some have been fixed others still remain. But because of you @GritBreather and @james, I’ve realized just how patient I’ve been waiting for a return on my investment in the form of fun and/or entertainment.

I’ve been getting spammed for the last 3 months for my large plot swathes and they have a good amount of items stored for when I came back to play . I’ve decided that time is never going to come. Anyone who wants my stuff can find those plots and campbthem outnhoping for the right warehouse with the goodies or spam beacons to collect prize real estate.

One thing is for sure, I’m tired of waiting around for boundless and dealing with flippant attitudes from a dev team that knowingly released a broken game because of financial commitments.


@Vetteq @GritBreather Not the place.

Please keep this post about the current release. Any features you would like to see please post in “Suggestions”.


It was a comedy campfire - it actually blew up in Daves face :flushed:


It was them Testing out the campfire cooking food :partying_face:


This color pallet. I get maybe you guys were trying to go for a “Mars” kind of look, but it looks more like a unicorn vomited strawberries that were injected with the blood of Grimace, the McDonalds mascot.

If I showed any person these colors, it would instantly turn them off from playing the game…

Not trying to be a Debbie Downer, I’m just trying to give some feedback… I spent many hours on Lamblis, but only out of necessity.

Are there any “Earth biomes” that are metal worlds? Or Planets with a wider range of colors instead of Lamblis which is just pink, bright blue/purple, and sand? Is there any way to just update the planets colors?


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