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On an exo?

@Trundamere what’s in the notes makes me think it might be possible on exo worlds. But again people either didn’t test enough to my liking or haven’t said anything about the things they have tested.


I would be slightly surprised if the fact it is an exo world, would bypass the requirement for the block to be in a beacon’ed area, but I am unable to test that on the test server on a real exo world due to the fact that I don’t feel like trying to collect coin on the test server.


Other than beacons and campfires the block placement rules should be the same. So no crafting tables or storage block placement either.


Well if no one tested no one can give a 100% correct answer. Maybe @james can let me know.

I was hoping to set up temp storage even if I had to portal back n forth.


Even if you could, Would you want to? anyone can loot it, and a portal will attract attention as it will show up on the compass, they can even disable the portal if they so choose to.


When I said portal I meant warp conduits. And yes I would because I wouldn’t open it till I’m ready to go home so I’d go back n forth to grab everything. No one would know it was there

Or if I did portal conduit it wouldn’t be opened till I’m ready to go back so again no one would have time to get to my storage. And I’dtake every thing back with me conduits included. So I would be wasting a lot of Oort shards just for a temporary thing.


Warp home is free just need the warp conduits to get to the planet.


I see

Guess that would depend how much stuff you are trying to transport thru it. It would open a small window for an event to happen


So lets boil this down.

How do you get to an exo world if you are broke?


Find a friend who is not broke to open a warp for you.


By leeching warp from other player :wink:


Hang around a rich player, wait for them to hopefully open a warp conduit and jump in after?

I’m too slow :confused:


That is equine waste. Not acceptable. Grrrrr.

Paying for warping is so stupid…


I am just waiting for the footfall posts to start again as an result…

But it costing coin is right now the only thing that has created something where I need to collect coin. as coin was 100% useless to me before this happened, Now it is not 100% useless.


I’m waiting for the coin machine


We need more coin. This is rediculous.


We are all stuck looking at them till the coin machine comes in, then we can convert all the left over rock to cold hard cash.

I hear it will be 1c per smart stack, so shouldn’t take all that long :wink:

Dammit, again too slow :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I have plenty of coin, sitting on 600k at the moment. @Biv, you can come through my warps when I go.


Should keep of certain items longer valuable :))

Yeah coins are lie, hoarding blocks is real thing.

I have been waiting worlds that requires warping from all players :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m a collector. I hate that solution. I plan on keeping all my rock, TY.

Just fix the &%^&$& footfall so I don’t have to do al this other nonsense to earn coin.

This is not a FF thread, I’ll drop it now.

I have about 80k right now, but that’s because I haven’t been active for a few weeks and my FF accumulated.

As someone who hates hunting, I burn through coin like water.