[COMPLETE] Server Downtime planned for 1100 UTC on April 10th


I have well a good amount of coin and still want the coin machine. Lol.

@Biv I hate my rock so I usually toss it :joy:


Depending on the color, talk to me first. :slight_smile:


I think part of the problem with the cost of warping is the price doesn’t move with the economy. But I think that would be almost impossible to do.


Maybe the portal hubs can open a warp at certain publicized times of the day. Then you can show up at the hub at that time and jump in the warp when they open it. If enough ppl show up, and they do it on a beacon to collect footfall, maybe it will all work out.


But that would be… helping the community! And nice! :cold_sweat:

(Meant as a joke, btw. Good idea!)


Good idea, while y’all compete for resources at the warp exit I can have the other side of the planet to myself :sunglasses:


Once you’re on the planet you can return to sanctum and warp wherever you want on the current planet for 100c!


There will be exoplanet from lvl 3 and up, the low ones are cheaper to warp to, and get unique mats to.
Only benefit off the expensive 7+ is the new ores.


Do you need special hammers to break them? (Like gem)


I do not think so, but i never found any on test (probably take 5 min to break a block with a stone hammer…).


Wait…what you said just finished rattling through my brain.

The new mats are not available on the lower tier exo-worlds at all? I have to go to a 7+ just to get blink?


Yes. (If i get it right).


Well…that’s not how I thought this was going to work.

I thought you’d get, like, a T3 blink world or a T7 blink world, etc.

I didn’t think the new, low tier worlds would just be regular 'ol worlds.



Yea those are t7+ ores


Did i miss the final patch notes somewhere?


They’ll be released when the update is released like normal

Tho you could look at the testing patch notes


Nope. 10 chars


Great to read that you are home. Rest as much as you can, and have fun planning your new market place.
My tomorrow is, unfortunately, going to be finishing up our taxes, have put it too long and now get it finished.
It won’t take long to do, LOL. the hard part is making sure I have all the papers together.


We are back online - enjoy! Patch Notes to follow


Omgosh… Hour left to go at work
Drive home, chicken wings in oven, wine in glass, start boundless up then 3 hours later realise strong smell of burning from kitchen…