[COMPLETE] Server Downtime planned for 1100 UTC on April 10th


Lucky, 8 hours to go for me then errands to run after work :pensive:. Someone post screenshots/block colors please


There better be pretty colors of gleam! :neutral_face:


Just arrived and ready to go! I have one hour and half before my daughter come back home.
Ready for Boundless!


Please drive carefully everyone. The game can wait :smiley:


I have to leave for work now. Back in 13 hours :expressionless:


Logged in to a cool 297k bonus XP from discovery on my hunter. Nice start to the day! But now I have to go and adult for a while and get shopping and stuffs. I don’t like doing adult stuff. Adult stuff is boring and icky. I just wanna play! Waaahhhhhh! :weary:



Be the network engineer that controls that stuff and have bosses that realize you’re over worked and under paid, so they turn a blind eye as long as stuff is getting done :smiley:


Great, thanks again for all your work, devs!! :slight_smile:

… Ugh, gonna be a long day at work waiting to play. Hey y’all, try to leave a couple pieces of the exoworlds left for me, ok? :wink:


I guess I was too optimistic in thinking there would be one exoplanet near every 1-2 planets… I’ve been to over 10 planets and seen nothing special in the sky… =\

are they just spawning one at a time?


I checked every T6 and didn’t see any, I guess they are didn’t go live with them already spawned


Same here, gonna be home in like 8 hours… :tired_face: I just wanna play!


I have 11hrs before i am off work! SAVE ME SOME OF THE EXO WORLDS!!!


don’t worry, by the looks of it they are waiting for you :wink:


guild buffs have gone bye bye…only got them yesterday in anticipation of the release


That’s assuming they are t7 tho. They might be lower ones


same same :sob:


I think its broken lol



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